Pain Pain, Never Again

Album: Euphoric Heartbreak (2011)


  • Glasvegas Frontman James Allan wrote this spoken word piece after a drug overdose forced him to pull out from the Coachella festival. He told Mojo magazine: "I started writing our second album when we were out in Los Angeles last year, we were supposed to be playing the Coachella festival, but didn't. I was sitting in Charlie Chaplin's old house, a friend was writing a film score in the next house, Depeche Mode were playing and I ended up writing the words to the album opener Pain, Pain Never Again."
  • The song was not originally intended to be a spoken word piece. Allan told the Sunday Mail: "My initial thoughts were to get an opera singer to sing my lyrics but a friend from Montreal translated them into French-Canadian. She recorded it and sent me the piece. She is a lovely person and her voice is just perfect for it."
  • The song is based on a piece of music by Paul Cantelon, who played "Moonlight Sonata" on the Glasvegas track "Stabbed."
  • Allan told The Sun: "For Pain Pain I was thinking of NASA and music to a space shuttle taking off for some reason, and the music keeps building and building."


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