If I Never Got To Tell You

Album: On Your Feet! (2015)
  • Gloria Estefan wrote this emotional ballad with her daughter, Emily, for On Your Feet!, a Broadway musical about the Estefans' rise to fame. Prior to the 1990 bus crash that left her critically injured with a fractured spine, the singer hadn't spoken to her disapproving mother, Gloria Fajardo, for two years. The number finds Fajardo (Andrea Burns) standing at Estefan's (Ana Villifane) bedside, worrying her daughter might not survive.

    Estefan explained to the Chicago Tribune: "My mom had a lot of losses and I was her rock. She was very afraid of what could happen with me traipsing around town with a band. She became very adversarial and confrontational and you can only do so much of that in a musical. But you get the story. When I had my accident, my mom hadn't spoken to me in two years, because I had taken my sister on the road with me, which I did to protect my sister. ... These were the days before cell phones; it was easier to stay out of touch. So when I had that crash, the first thing my mother, who was teaching, saw go across the ticker on the TV that day was 'Gloria Estefan dead.' She fainted."


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