Godsmack Artistfacts

  • 1997-
    Sully ErnaVocals
    Tony RombolaGuitar
    Robbie MerrillBass
    Tommy StewartDrums1997-2002
    Shannon LarkinDrums2002-
  • They played clubs in the Boston area for years before catching a break in 1999 when they were invited to play on the Ozzfest tour.
  • Their first album, All Wound Up, was made for $2,500 in 1997 and released on an independent label. Universal Records signed them a year later and re-released the album, changing the title to Godsmack.
  • Lead singer Sully Erna is a wiccan, meaning he is part of a religion that practices witchcraft and worships nature.
  • Sully Erna is a longtime boxing fan and used to bring his trainer on tour. He got his first win as a boxing trainer after David Tubbs' professional debut on August 17, 2019. It was a great start as Tubbs recorded a sensational 18-second knockout victory.
  • Their original name was The Scam. Drummer Tommy Stewart came in one day when they were doing pictures with a huge cold sore on his lip. For the entire day, Sully was making fun of him because of it. The next day, Sully came in with the same size cold sore on the same spot on his lip. Erna told Sully, "That's God smacking you for making fun of Tommy!" and bam, there was a great name. They knew it was also the name of an Alice in Chains song (from the album Dirt), but the name was too good to pass up. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    katie - Buffalo, NY
  • Bassist Robbie Merril can't move his middle finger because of a birth defect. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Nick - Paramus, NJ
  • One of Erna's many tattoos is of Animal, the drummer for The Muppets.
  • Erna's real name is Salvator Paul Erna.
  • Their original guitarist was Lee Richards. He joined a band formed by Sully called Dropbox. >>
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    robbie - placentia, CA, for above 2
  • Songs like "Spiral" "Serenity" and "Voodoo" were influenced by the tribal band Dead Can Dance. >>
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    Akiko - Ft Worth, TX
  • The band postponed their 2018 European tour after Rombola's 34-year-old son died unexpectedly. "He literally lived the success of Godsmack through his Dad," Erna said when breaking the news to fans.

Comments: 39

  • Timbo from Meyersdale, PaSully Erna and the band godsmack is some of the greatest musical rhythms I have ever heard. There music has inspired many an probably saved lives even. The band godsmack gives people hope an strength an it also lets addicts know that they arent alone in this fight that there is a light at the end if the tunnel.
  • Julie from Washington StI just love these guys and their music! My favorite is "Under Your Scars" Love, Love, Love you Sully Erna the mostest! Yummy!
  • Jayellen from America Of The United StatesStop being babys and arguing about this idiotic s--t. Man, just listen to their music. Who cares about origins?
  • Raaaeeven from Planet EarthI am so tired of reading these blatant negative comments about GODSMACK and lies about how AIC made GODSMACK over a misunderstanding of a word & who said it & why. Enough already! If you aren't interested in GODSMACK then just don't listen. It isn't like you're going to make us hate GODSMACK or stop listening to them. If that's what you think, then you're delusional. I mean seriously why would you waste your AIC life listening to GODSMACK, watching their videos and realizing how much fame & fortune they have then spreading negative comments & rumors you heard about a band you don't care for? Let's see... Could it be envy? Could it be jealousy? Or both? If you think you can do better then where should we look for your number 1 hit? NOT! You are focusing waaaaay to much on a word & rather than the music. I care a lot more about the art of music than a "word." I am a big fan of AIC and GODSMACK and have been listening to both for years and frankly don't care who came up with what. Artists take from other artists since the beginning of time. it is not uncommon in the industry. I appreciate the music from GODSMACK and AIC. GODMACK RULES!!! LOVE ME SOME GODSMACK!!!
  • Timothy from New Albany, MsLook, man. They admit that Alice in Chains was a major influence for them. Why should it surprise us that Godsmack took a similar path? Honestly, there are a s--tload of crap musicians out there. Go piss on one of their facts pages.
  • Tim from Sacramento, CaOh, and one more thing. Good god, they have an album called Faceless? A little similar in name to Facelift, Alice In Chains first album? Ya think? I honestly want to like them, but it makes me want to puke everytime I see that very name of their band. If I created a band and named it WALK THIS WAY and tried to sing like Steven Tyler, and came up with a story about walking to band practice every day as the origination of the band name, would anyone believe me? I guess if your Godsmack people will.
  • Tim from Sacramento, CaGod GIVE ME A BREAK PEOPLE. Connect the dots. Sully tries to sing identical to Layne. Godsmacks' first album cover even looks like AIC's cover for "Dirt", with half naked woman and the Sun Logo. It's not like the word "Godsmack" is common. If it was, maybe you could believe their little story, but in fact it is a MADE UP WORD . . .a word made up by Alice In Chains as a title for their song. I could respect these guys a little if they would just own up to it, but I guess as long as there are really stupid people in the world that don't care about originality when it comes to music they will never have to.

    They are a decent band, but they should pay homage to the band that made them and not come up with REDICULOUS lame stories.
  • Logan from Greenville, ScI love godsmack my sister's boyfriend introduced me to them a year ago! i love them. they are all i ever listen to and sully is HOT!
  • Rich from Hoffman Estates, IlYour band rocks and truly rocks in a way that is moving with great rythm and unique lyrics.I can not wait to see you guys rock in Chicago area whenever possible.Have only been rocking to your music for about 3years but man you musicians are great and Sully so awesomely original. Please keep rockin!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ada from Del, United StatesWell,you all love gossip.. comments on the band dosen`t mean the grape vine of gossip! Here is my comment, GODSMACK....helped me get through the hardest part of my life. The songs helped me get out feelings I barried. With that I left a man that abused me for 10 yrs. So with that thankyou Sully for showing me that singing with all your heart does help, and the whole band for the music, that I liston to daily. You all helped me to pick myself back up!!!
    THANKYOU!!!!! -Ada Delta OH
  • Pyro017 from Bfe, Tnif you guys like Godsmack then you'll love Another Animal. it is consisted of the members of Godsmack but minus Sully, (bad move). some other lead singer is doing lyrics but i don't remember what band he is from. anyway, they kick a55
  • Kristen from Shiprock, NmYou guys are so awesome!! I love you guys so much and you guys are my favorite band!! Sully Erna is so Hot!!!
  • Olga from Pleven, BulgariaGodsmack is my favourite band!!!They are super.I love all their songs and especially their lyrics.Sully is so sexy;)!!!
  • Kricket from West Monroe, LaI absolutely LOVE Sully Erna. He is the sexiest man alive. I have never seen anyone so stunningly sexy in my entire life. My one and only wish is to one day be able to meet him in person. His voice is so large and sometimes I can feel everything he is saying when I listen to his music. The greatest band ever to me.
  • Kimberly from Ctr. Sandwich, NhI know for a fact that Godsmack name came from Tommy have a cold sore and they said it was a God Smack..Tony if you read this tell Sue and Kids that I said hi and miss them alot..Tell her Dan's ex...Godsmack keep up the great work...
  • Benihana from Godsmack, NeI think it's safe to say they got their name from an Alice in Chains song being that it's the same obscure word "Godsmack". They took their sound, album name "Faceless", logo, and even tried to emulate their accoustic sound. Erna also said that Staley was his favorite vocalist. Everything points to their name coming from the AIC song. Despite what they claim afterwards.
  • Krystal from Lawrence, MaSULLY if you ever read this, I want you to know that I am your biggest fan of all time! You rock man, you have true talent!
  • Darla from Evansville, InI was just curious to know if Sully and Godsmack support the West Memphis Three? IF anyone doesn't know about it go to WM3.org
  • Amandah from Hartsville, ScSully Ernas real name is Salvatore Paul Erna, I'm not sure how old the other guys in the band are but Sully is 37, and Godsmack didnt get their name from that AIC song it was because of the cold sore incident. here read this it tells you all: NYROCK: Therefore the name is not from the Alice In Chains song?
    That's where we picked the name from. I was making fun of somebody who had a cold sore on his lip and the next day I had one myself and somebody said, "It's a godsmack." The name stuck. We were aware of the Alice In Chains song but didn't really think much about it. It's a cool song and the name had meaning for us.

    taken from an interview.
  • Clayton Sane from Salem, OrThis band is great because they don't overdo their songs they keep them somewhat simple, they
    also seem to understand the fact that the world
    is not the big happy place that others seem to pretend it is they say they are mellowing out but
    I believe that they'll be angry again, all they
    have to do is look around some more
    and live vicariously through others
  • Donald Stanford from Lawernce, NeSully i dont kno if you rember me this is Don from lawrence you knew me growing up as a kid and frances and bobby jo and vickie and the rest of the stanford family you knew rember WPOD i just want to tell you you need it man we were all dreamin about gettin out of that town and doin somethin with are lives and out of everyone you were the only one that did it
  • Katie from Buffalo, NyTo Brittany of Spokane... in Smack This! When sully asked Robbie where the name came from and robbie says "We stole it. From Alice in Chains!" ...HE WAS JOKING!!! Not to mention, the fact on how they got their name is incorrect. Tommy walked in one day with a huge cold sore on his lip and Sully kept making fun of him for it. The next day, Sully came in with a big cold sore in the same spot. Tony made a comment to sully about "God Smacking him" it's about instant karma
  • Farrah from Bucyrus, OhOk this makes no sense. In an interview they said they didn't get their name from Alice in Chains. I haven't seen the dvd but just tell me this. Why would they lie? It makes no sense to lie, if they got the name from Alice in Chains, so be it, you just don't lie to millions of people about then change your mind and then tell them anyway. Oh well.
  • Brittney from Spokane, WaGodsmack kicks serious ass in concert... Sullys real name is Salvatore Paul Erna... they are not a wal-mart version of Metallica... oh and Godsmack did get their name from Alice in Chains Sully even says it in their DVD Smack This... you guys should try watching it if your true fans and you want to know the truth... Anyone can e-mail me about questions... lol i know everything their is to know about Godsmack
    ~Britt~ I love you Sully
  • Farrah from Bucyrus, OhDoes anyone know how old the guys in Godsmack are?
  • Mike from Arvada, CoSully Erna is a Wiccan...Rockin', I didn't know that at all. ROCK ON SULLY!
  • Windora from Bremen, OhI love Godsmack! I think that their great! I think Shannon Larkin being in the band is great! I think his a better drumer than Tommy. I think that Sully's voice is powerful and strong. I love his voice! Rock on Godsmack!
    Blessed Be
  • Barrie from London, Englandthe term godsmack does come from the alice in chains song, it comes from the line " and gods name is smack for some" and for those who doubt godsmacks passion for all things alice in chains, check out the artwork on the inside of the alice in chains cd "dirt"....and tell me they didnt get the idea of the sun logo from layne staley...who sully has ADMITTED is his favorite all time singer
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Ctone of the few good modern bands
  • Moon from Evart, MiIn all honesty....I don't care where they got their name, who left the band who joined...whatever....they are still good...still going and will always be at the top of my list!
  • Brianna from Calgary, CanadaThe band has so many AIC references in their songs because they kinda like them. Doesn't mean that's where the name came from, and it didn't.
    Shannon Larkin was also the drummer of Ugly Kid Joe, btw.
  • Steve from Baltimore, MdIf I recall Sully's real name is Salvatore Erna.
  • Janet from Everett, WaWhat is Sully Ernas REAL name???? NEED TO KNOW!!!!
  • Crysta; from Sf, CaOk, so heres the story for how they got their name, one day, robbie,(the bassist) walked in for rehersal, with a huge cold sore on his lip, and sully was making fun of him saying that he needed to stop kissing guys and giving hed, and so he made fun of him all day. The next day sully walked in with a cold sore on his lip too, and Tony ( the guitarist) was like "e; haha, see, thats what you get for making fun of robbie, god smacked you for laughing at him;"e, and they were like...hmm, godsmack......they were aware that it was an alice in chains song,but thats not where they got their, name. and so godsmack means,' what goes around comes around'
  • Crysta; from Sf, CaTommys the drummer for a band called "Lo-pro" now.....
  • Metalrose from St Paul, MnIf Godsmack didn't take their name from an AIC song, then why do they have so many AIC refrences in their music?

    Sully actually did come out after Layne's death and admit their name was from the song.
  • Tk from Robinson, IlYeah, the band wasn't named after the AIC song. By the way- Sully Erna always had a "problem" with going to New Orleans. With the help of a psychic healer, he solved the problem. It turned out, in his past life he died in the city.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjUPDATE:
    Ok, my Drumming teacher knows a guy who works for Atlantic Records (or knows a guy who knows a guy).
    It turns out that Tommy kept messing up when recording and they had to keep doing over and also that he required too much maintenance and was "a pain in the ass". He was replaced in 2002 with Shannon Larkin from the band Amen. I don't know of Tommy's wherabouts since then.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjAlso, sometime between late 2001 and mid 2002 Tommy either left the band or started temporarily working on something on the side. I haven't really found out anything about it yet but in the faceless CD there is a differet drummer listed in the credits and in the pictures. His replacement was Shannon Larkin.
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