• Probably Godsmack's most popular song, it was written by lead singer Sully Erna and bass player Robbie Merril. Sully is a member of the Wiccan religion and its influence on this song is obvious. It uses many percussion instruments used in tribal celebrations.
  • Sully decided to write this song after watching the movie The Serpent and the Rainbow, a film involving Voodoo and Witchcraft. Many believe it is about drugs, specifically a heroin addiction ("The snakebite enter my veins").
  • This is the last track on Godsmack's self-titled album. After the CD ends, there is about 2 minutes of silence, then percussion instruments can be heard, the same kind used in "Voodoo." Under the constant drum beat, voices of the band members and their producers can be heard talking about how they put the album together. Eventually, a crowd is heard in the background chanting the chorus of "Voodoo." One of the voices chatting on this secret track is that of Katrina Chester of the band Luxx.
  • The version played on the radio is slightly shorter. >>
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    Nick - Paramus, NJ, for all above
  • When Erna's daughter Skyler was still in the womb, they would put headphones on her mother's belly and play this over and over. She still listens to Godsmack.
  • The vocals-only intro to this song was used as the title-theme for the short-lived MTV series Fear. >>
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  • Food For Thought from Up On The Mountain Hey Kayla I believe you are right same with me and my dj!~ we are soon to be married. I believe it is a new beginning!
  • Anonymous from Up On The Mountain I believe it is about becoming in a trance state beginning to be a Gingerbread
  • Andros The Wiccan from TexasAll of you in the comments claiming wicca is evil are brain dead. The only evil religions are those who claim all others are evil. (Christianity, islam, jews) yall are too far indoctrinated to understand the beauty of the goddess. This song is one of the most well written songs about magic. And no this song is not of the devil because the devil is as fake as yalls god
  • Crazybud from Azits not about pound puppies... christsakes saved again
  • Jess from TnThink you Elohim for at least trying to get people to see how much of a strong hold Satan has on man kind. I agree with you about the magick side of it all but to me it seems more like the song is about starting over after someone has broken your heart and caused you pain. You feel this person won't do you wrong and then you find yourself right back in that painful situation trying to figure out how you got there and how to get out. Maybe I'm wrong. The only ones really who know what the song is about are the ones who wrote and sang it. Maybe it was just written to make people wander.
  • Kip from TexasI think it's about Oreos. He eats too many of them even when he be like, "Just 2 this time Sully!" Also shout out to Elohim for forcing his beliefs on everyone, not enough people doing that these days...really cool quality.
  • Elohim from Arizona was so irritated i only adressed half of my tirade. Its also about voodoo, whitch craft...all the same . Even wicca is dark magick. Although wiccans claim its white magick which is absurd there is only black magick, because The Creator of this Universe is against all things that do not come from Him. Magick or SUPERnatural powers, if you will, come from the enemy of mankind, satan. Thats why those who use any form of magick keep doing it even though they know the consequences, satan has his hands over their eyes. Lured with power over other people
    or situations they felt they could not control, is the initial reason why EVERY person starts crafting. No matter what rebuttals will be posted,its those two reasons. One might refute saying " I started cause I wanted to get closer to mother earth"(YOU WERE ALREADY DEEP IN SATANS GRASP IF you think the earth is the mother of something.) Why help a giant rock in space? Because of pollution and man hurting it? Wicca helps you help dirt? And you cant help if your not a witch? Then why didn't you! The song is about practicing witchcraft while high on some intravenously injected drug. Graveyard, death= satan. Zombies = drug use and inability to to stop(addiction). Breath it in= the feeling of power. I'm not the one...far away=source if power, satan. When I feel...my veins=ritualistic drug use. Oh and why does he use snake as a metaphor for shooting up and not some other cool metaphor? Cause satan was a snake in the garden of Eden. Candles raise my desire= ritualistic use of candles. Come on people this is entry level stuff. If you want I can give the equals to every line in the song. Just ask.
  • Elohim from Arizona I've seen the needle and the damage done. I've dwelt in the grey, black and white. Its about intravenous drug use. In the video needles are shown once. Recall the the 2 'from above' shots of a small round table, and swords. In the first scene the swords move *into* the center of the table from the outside, except they are not swords they are needles- watch it again. Its 2nd scene shot from above is where you actually see people holding swords and lifting them up from the same table in above mentioned scene. Thus, giving all you soft brained,easily deceived sheeple the suggestion the 1st scene contained
    "swords" as well. This is all from memory. I guess I should have watched it again but I read the article then all your ignorant comments, which pissed me off. What are you going to do in the End? SMH with sorrow
  • Justin from NewbergTo me this song relates to how I was pushing myself further into delusion and denial of past traumatic experiences, the snake bite being the pain that I never asked to receive as a child furthering and with drugs furthering me into that trance deluded like state, never understanding why I got here but always desperately trying to leave the state of closed mindedness.
  • Circe801 from Rock Hill, ScOkay, I'm not going to even get into drug reference metaphors here. What I am gobsmacked about is that Melissa from Florida referred to this as a metal song. Wow. Guess I must be gettin' old, but even having researched the myriad different 'forms' of metal - both past and present - there is no way I'd ever refer to this as metal... just sayin'.
  • Kf131299@apps.matsuk12.us from Kf131299Actually I know you said that no one would agree with you, Joseph but I do. My dad used to do that sort of stuff (long time ago). But I actually thought the band members were high when they wrote the lyrics to this song.
  • Joseph Trexler from Jensen Beach, FlSometimes songs don't have any particular or specific meaning, and its just whatever the listener wants to take from it. I want to say, though... and no one will agree with me on this, I'm sure, but I'm here to tell you... that the video is a straight up psychedelic trip. I'm not saying that's what the song is about, but whoever came up with that video concept sure made it resemble a mushroom trip if I've ever been on one. I'm not proud to say that I've also shot up morphine for a little over a year (clean now) so I'm familiar with that aspect too, and in no way does the video suggest a 'heroin' type high to me. I can see how the lyrics might suggest it though. In the end, I'd say the whole thing just ties into Sully's Wiccan ways, period. Awesome song. The end.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjWell, I've never even done drugs but I can see how the song can be about heroin, there's just so allusions and metaphors in the song that can relate to it. By the way, Sully didn't say the song was about the movie, he said he wrote the song AFTER WATCHING the movie; it gave him INSPIRATION. He could have even been writing about his idol, Layne Staley. Great song!
  • Zack from Noblesville, InIt's a great song period. That's all that needs to be said.
  • Sonja from Fitzgerald, GaSomeone told me today it's about heroin use. I PREFER to BELIEVE it is about REINCARNATION. (As are some of their other songs)
  • Eve from Portland, Meomg none of you mentioned reincarnation? "breathe in, breathe in. I'm comin back again."
  • Josh from Austin, TxThere are several meanings to the song , I believe it is about a heroin addict in a rehab facility, the line "never did I want to be here again shows" he has been to the rehab facility more than once and regrets shooting up. Also the meaning of a song depends on a persons backround knowledge and how it is percieved, because I do not know much about voodoo practices and other witch craft things i cannot say that it is about that but somebody with more knowledge about those types of things could say that the song is about witchcraft and voodoo. Also if somebody has just broken up with somebody or has been in a bad break up before may think the song is about a relationship because that is the thing they are thinking about first from past experience.
  • Iraca from York, QcAlright. Here we are, the facts. ONE: In the FACTS of the song, it mentioned it was NOT based around drugs. TWO: Godsmack had a Wiccan singer. Why would they call a song called 'Voodoo' Voodoo if it wasn't about Voodoo? Hmm? Three: Watch the video. Watch it. Are there any needles? Injection, needles? About the 'Needles' thing in the song, Voodoo needles. Yep. That's what they are.
  • Brian from ?, PaBret, while I won't argue that this song is about a movie, I just finished reading Sully's autobiography yesterday and he never even used heroine, so your point about him having a drug addiction is totally pointless..he's been clean (aside from alcohol) for years...
  • Justin from Stillwater, Okhow do you not see that this song is about heroin as a junkie my self i can tell you that this song is infact about the mud tires i play it every time i get down
  • Bret from Copeville, TxYO guys i dont tell what something means if i dont know it but i know that Sully Erna wrote this song about the movie The Serpent and The Rainbow. Also he said "I think this and Serinity were the only two songs that i ever wrote lyrically that had absolutly nothing to do with my own life" so its obviously not about him having a drug addiction even though he does have one its not about it....its about a movie
  • Azalea from Hot Springs, ArYa'll, it's not about a relationship or a drug addiction. I can see how it might sound like that, but it's not. It's about the Wiccan culture and practicing what you believe in. Take it from another Wiccan. When it goes to the chorus, it's talking about practicing magik. It's about feeling closer the the earth and feeling the elements within you. And leaving the spirits and getting back to the rest of the world, but not wanting to. And it's also saying that the magik is dangerous, and you can't quite remember why you still practice it knowing the risks.
  • Anthony from Orange Park, Flthe song has to be about herion, "snake bite enter my vains" the needle goin in
  • Jamie from Granite Falls, NcI agree with the guy that said it was about heroin addiction using pagan terms to relate to it. But maybe not just heroin, could also be meth or coke.
  • Melissa from The Acerage, Fli love this song. this is one of the best metal songs ever!
  • James from Hampton, NhThe song means Heroin addiction using pagan terms to relate it, although i love heroin u dont need to have done it to know what it means exactly, and that it can relate to anything in your life that is an unhealthy addiction, i also think that Mistakes speaks of the same thing although im not sure, it speaks to me that way being an addict.
  • Jorge from Mexico, MexicoThis song was used the WWE superstar Batista while he was in the former development territory OVW under the character of Leviathan.
  • Cody from Owen Sound, OnWow most of you have proubly never been to a godsmack concert he tells it to every one this song was made to a dedication to:The serpant and the rainbow and its definitly not about love its about...what ever you think it is about!
  • Code from Reno, Nvlol this song is about heroin if youve ever been addicted to heroin like i have, this song makes so much more sense and if you pay attention and watch the music video what sully does "when the snakebite enters my veins" he taps his left arm "demons dreaming"...lol..."snakebite"..."candles raise your desire"..jus the whole song if youve ever done heroin you understand all of this
  • Ed from York, Paon the album, this song has a hidden track called Witch Hunt
  • Shawn from Columbia , ScAll u people who think it's about drugs are idiots. You are not a Godsmack fan and have never been to a show. In the acoustic shows, Sully states that the songs was inspired after seeing the movie The Serpent and the Rainbow.
  • Amber from Rogers, ArWell anyone educated on Pagan beliefs knows that this song is about Paganism. While it may also be about drugs (based on interp). The snake bite,Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland (meaning the Pagans) Along with most all lines a historical or ritual related feeling is mentioned.
  • Jaxx from Manchester, NhIt has been made so everyone has to wonder what it is truely about. Most music is like that it has many meanings so it appeals to more than one type of person. I also can tell you for a fact that Sully Erna is a opiate addict. (from my personal expierence with the opiates) I have met him 5 times and everytime he has the grey skin tone almost deathly like people get this way when they are high on herion,methadone,ocs etc. deeper almost straining to come out voice is also a sign and pin point pupils in the eyes. and constant itchyness.. he is always scratching something even in his interviews!! He always wears sunglasses too to hide that he is all f'd up. Its really sad actually.
  • Kornyei from Oravita, Romaniago to www.youtube.com!!
    then in the search bar tipe "starcraft voodoo"!!
    then enter the first video!!its very cool!!i like it!
  • Kornyei from Oravita, Romaniaits a very cool song!!my preferate part is where he sings:

    i'm not the one that's so far away
    when i feel the snake bite enter my veins,
    never did i wanna be here again,
    and i don't remember why i came.
  • Andrew from Onsted, MiAs a heroin addict. I promise the song is about heroin. first of all, in the video, when sully says " the snakebite enters my vein" he taps his left arm, at the elbow pit, the most common injection site. In a manner often used to signal between junkies that one possesses some dope. And the words used, are just, completely in-sync with heroin. my favorite line is "demons dreaming". if you've ever been addicted to heroin, you'd know why thats so funny to me.
  • Ben from Chicago, IlTo me this song is about addiction in general, while it has so many drug allusions it's tough to argue that it's not about drug (specifically heroin) abuse, almost every line has many drug references, but it also has a lot to say about relationships that mimic the patterns of addiction, like a girl who's bad for you but you just can't stop yourself from failing for over and over and over again.
  • Jeff from Helena, Mtmariah from fruitland voodoo too is on 4 and voodoo is from godsmack, two different songs and albums.
  • Jeff from Helena, Mthow many songs does godsmack have? exactly
  • Mikail from Greenville, Paat first i thought,like many, this was a sing referring to drugs,but like an above mentioned comment the meaning is all in the perspective of the listener
  • Jesse from Seymour, InOk first off this song IS about drugs. Godsmack is an Alice In Chains tribute band. Anyone who knows AIC knows that Layne Staley was badly into heroin. Sully has said that this song is dedicated to him many times in concert. "Candles raise my desire" a candle is a definatly needed for heroin usage. "never do I wana be here again and I don't remember why I came" addiction..you want to break it, you don't know why you started in the first place. "snakebite enter my veins" means as others said it means..a needle..heroin is a drug..it's a poisen..much like a snakebite. "hazing clouds rain on my head" heroin is a downer. I could go on, but this IS what the song is about..it's not in support of drug use..it's about the inner demons of addiction.
  • Robert from Aurora, MoI think the meaning of this song is different for whoever is hearing it.
  • _=coolguy=_ from Chicago, IlOk Here it is:
    Hazing clouds rain on my head,
    Empty thoughts fill my ears.
    This is not a Drug Reference!
    Hazing Clouds are low clouds(like fog)
    Raining on his head meaning that low clouds are raining on him....you know like when someones sad theres little clouds following over there head!
    Empty thoughts fill my ears.
    meaning that he is being told something but doesnt understand it. kinda like having words go in one ear and come out the other.
  • Amanda from Wabash, InI think this song is about drugs. This song hits home with me and has helped me a lot.
    Amanda Wabash, IN
  • Robert from Liberal, Kswhy people try to make this out to br spiritual ill never know but if you have ever done heroin or "smack" you know what a snake bite is and why candles raise your desire
  • Jennifer from San Diego, CaThis song could be about alot of things but to me it is about shooting dope. I am a recovering addict and the lyrics, "Never did I wanna be here again andI don't remember why I came," Really hit home for me.
  • Mariah from Fruitland, Idok i have cd godsmack IV and it has voodoo on it but it isnt this song. the chorus to it is "have you ever wondered why in a dream you can touch a falling sky or fly to the heavens that watch over you telling you its all voodoo, voodoo too" is there another song called voodoo by godsmack or does someone have the words seriouly messed up?
  • Zultana from Hesperia, CaI Think this song is cool, when I am in a very, very bad mood, I play this song over and over again, as loud as I can, everyone knows to stay away from my door... I made a C.D. of this song, the only song on it is Voodoo, I think it's on the C.D. about 17 times...
  • Sarah from West Carrollton, Ohi think the song is about what sully said it was about...the movie. i mean why would he lie what the song is about? i mean that is just stupid. he wrote it for people to enjoy and rock out to. and thats all that matters.. it is a ROCKIN song and has a alsome beat, great lyricks,and some pritty sweet riffs!!!so who care what its about.and if it wasn't about the movie it was most likely about some crazy stuff that happened in his life and he need to get off his chest... i mean i write songs when im titck so let it be!! but you guys think what you think that cool i'm just sayin.
    lots of luv from sarah
  • Sara from Savannah, GaI believe that this song is about the Wicca
    religion and the meaning of it. It also has to deal with witchcraft & black magic. its a very
    interesting song to listen too!!
    Godsmack 4 EVER!!!!!
  • Katie from Atlanta, GaWell I can't really say what I think the true meaning of this song is. Fact is if I do I'll probably be flamed at. Anyway this a good song nonetheless and a cool video. I would love to see these guys in concert. ^.^
  • Klayton from Lancaster, OhThis song is great. If only Godsmack could stay on top like this. No Ofense
  • Bobbie from Central, NmI can't bleive that a song about Voodoo could be misinterpited as a song about drugs. Can't a person feel something in thier veins and it not be drugs!
  • K from Aztec, Nmyes this song reminds me of having a good time.. oddly everytime im with a good friend we listen to it she knows every word, it has an awsome beat and i love what it stands for!
  • The Prynce from Dillon / Hamer, ScThe song's about Pagan rituals and feelings. I don't undestand why people try to make every song out to be about either drugs or relationships. DO NOT OVER INTERPRET THINGS!

    -=The Prynce
  • Henriette from Holstebro, DenmarkI think it is one of the best songs I ever had the time to hear...I think it is a good thing to write about, it is a very crasy form for lyrick, but cool....
  • James from Edwardsville, Ili don't get why it has to be about anything? why can't it just be about what it sounds like it's about?
  • Kayla from Salem, CtI personally LOVE godsmack!~* The music video for voodoo is absolutly amazing!~* the fire around him the way he sings, when he goes " candles raise my desire, why im so far away No more meaning to my life No more reason to stay zfreezin feelin, Breath in Breath in, i'm coming back again" brings me into deep thought bringing back memories about me n my fiance dj!~* GOOD TIMES!~*
  • Dave from San Diego, CaHeh... After 5 years of studying drugs in the U.S. Gov Law Enforcement field and having 2 cousins die from heroine addiction, I am 100% sure that the song "Voodoo" by Godsmack is about fighting heroine addiction. Yes, the song is pure talent. It doesn't PROMOTE drugs- yet teaches of them. It kicks a$$ and has an excellent beat using the human voice as a musical instrument. I listen to it everyday. But read my experience: Alcohol is a 'mental' addiction and smoking is a 'physical' addiction; Heroine is one of the few drugs that happens to be BOTH. It is one of the few drugs that turn you physically-AND-mentally addicted after your "first try" or "first injection". Heh- I even watched my best friend try it while we were drunk at a high-school party when had no idea what it would bring him to.
    There may be a deeper meaning to Godsmack's hidden poetry than either of us realize... One thing we can be sure of: there are definitely more people in this world going through his struggle.
  • Stacy from Sulphur, OkI think this song could be about anything you want it to be. Everyone experiences different things so if you want to think it's about heroin, then so be it, the same with the relationship thing. Everyone is entitled to thier own opinion, if you really want to know, Go ask Sully, don't down people for what they think....
  • Brianna from Calgary, CanadaI have no reason to believe it was written about drugs. It could be about anything BUT in my opinion. And it was inspired by that movie... so... yeah disagreed on the heroine theroy.
  • Sarah from Salem, MaLaurie Cabot, the so called "official witch of Salem," appeared in the video for this song.
  • Daughter Of Fenris from N/a, WaThis can be a song about basically anything. Life, drugs, love... You name it... This song is a great song to belly dance too as well! ^.^
  • Anthony from Houston, Txi think its aboout life and the depression that comes from pain and loss (hazeing clouds rain on my head empty thooughts fill my ears)
  • Christina from Hamilton, MtThis song is not about a relationship. It is about an addiction to Heroin. "When I feel the snakebite enter my veins." That symolizes the Heroin entering the veins. Ï don't remember why I camë." That is him wondering why he shot up the drug again. It feels good, but you don't remember why you did it again.
  • Daniel from Farmville, VaI personally think this song is about getting back into a bad relationship and not remembering why you came back, "Never did I want to be here again, and I don't remember why I came." And The part where he says, "when I feel The snakebite enter my veins." I think that symbolizes the hate and poison of a bad relationship.
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