Just Like Vince Taylor

Album: Radar Love (1973)
  • In this mid-tempo rock number, the title suggests it might be a tribute song, but it is really a song about what happened - or what didn't happen - on a night out with a girl who made the narrator feel just like Vince Taylor, or dress like him at any rate, if the reference to greased hair, leather and chains is anything to go by.

    Brian Holden (1939-91) - who took the stage name Vince Taylor - was one of the countless nearly men of rock 'n' roll; he was born in Isleworth, West London, emigrated to the United States as a young boy where his father worked in the mining industry, and ended up in Hollywood through a family connection where he embarked on his ill-fated music career. He enjoyed some success in both his native England and France, but like many bigger names he turned to both alcohol and drugs, and by and large faded from sight. He died from cancer in August 1991.

    When this song was written, Taylor was still very much alive, although his fifteen minutes of fame was long over. A live version with jangling guitars and sounding anything but live was recorded as the B-side of a 1977 live version of the band's biggest hit by far, "Radar Love". (Thanks, Alexander Baron - London, England.) >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England.


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