Festival Song

Album: Good Charlotte (2000)
  • "Festival Song" is about trying to make it in the music business and not listening to anyone who says that you can't. Benji and Joel were inspired to write this song as a tribute to the HFStival, an annual rock festival hosted by the WHFS radio station in Washington DC/Baltimore, Maryland. They played the festival in 1999 and again in 2000.

    Says Joel: "I grew up coming to the HFStival ... I wrote this song about being here, how we wanted to quit our jobs to be in a band. We have all our friends, the fans and the radio support right here." >>
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    Lauren - San Jose, CA
  • The music video, directed by Marc Webb, features footage of the band performing at the HFStival in 2001, and includes cameos from Mest, Linkin Park, and New Found Glory.
  • "When we did the video for 'Festival Song' - the last video we made from the first album - that was more of a real representation of what the band was at the time," Joel explained to Alter the Press. "When we shot it, we were out on tour and things were peaking. Back in the day we were playing with bands like New Found Glory, Sum 41, MXPX and we were all just getting by, touring in vans, playing to a few hundred people each night, which was awesome, but at the same time, we were building a real fan base and really creating a model for the new bands yet to come from this genre that we were in. I still have a huge amount of respect for all those bands and all the work they put in because I saw it with my own two eyes."

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  • Jacob from Chicago, Ili think CG is the best band ever they inspire so many people including me and my friends to do what we think and not what other people think
  • Jenniffer from Bogota, South AmericaIsn't that line, "Your future's no future" inspired on Sex Pistol's "God Save The Queen"?
  • Renee from Sydney, AustraliaGood Charlotte have inspired me so much. All their songs are the products of all the bad stuff that has happened in their life. They sing about this so as they can inspire other people never to give up.
  • Christi from Bel Air, MdWhenever they come here to play the HFStival they always play it that song. They're old stuff rocks. I don't know what happend.
  • Rach from Norfolk, EnglandThis song rocks! Its about how you should do what u want to do! Not what other people want u to do! have tio live ur life the way want and not for anyone else.
  • Ellie from Rotherham, EnglandGC are my fave band, Iv loved them for ages! Even though they are my favourite band, Green Day's Good Riddance (Time of your Life) is my favorite song. Im having it at my funeral!
  • Amanda Couch from Manhattan, KsGC totally gets what it is that people want to hear they pin-pointed the essence of youth in this song.
  • Jessica from Nelson, New Zealandi really love that song i think that it really made good charlotte what it is today as it tells them what good charlotte is about.
  • Amber from Birmingham, AlI love that song. I never really thought about what it meant until now.
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