Album: Demon Days (2005)
Charted: 1 87


  • This song features the former Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder. The main vocalist is Noodle (in reality the vocals are provided by back up singer Rosie Wilson).
  • The song was originally going to be called "It's There," but it was altered because Shaun Ryder's broad Mancunian accent made it sound like he was saying "It's Dare."
  • The video shows Noodle dancing and singing to her genetic creation - the giant disembodied head of Mr. Ryder kept alive by machinery in her closet.
  • This gave Gorillaz their first ever UK #1 hit. >>
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    Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England, for all above
  • Shaun Ryder told NME how the song's lyrics came about. "My version of events was that Damon (Albarn, Gorillaz frontman) put a track on, it had no lyrics, it didn't have anything. I had the cans on and he said, 'Go in the studio and try and do something'. Freestyle off the top of your head, make it up 'cos he wanted me to basically write a song or write something."

    "So I put the headphones on and there was no track. I started saying to them to turn it up and the track was very slowly turning up so I started going 'it's coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up' and when it got as loud as I wanted it, I said 'it's dare.' As in like text speak language - 'I will c u der.' I then tried to freestyle something, a right load of gibberish bollocks it was, and it ended in, 'I never did no harm'. Then I took the cans off after about 10 minutes and Damon said, 'Do that ["coming up"] bit again but a bit faster.' So I did, and that was it."
  • Noodle is the star of the video, and she's not sorry: "The video is shot in my bedroom at Kong studios. As the tune starts, I flick a switch and all the tubes begin pumping various liquids into Shaun's head. The combination of liquid and the music is irresistible! And Shaun comes to life! The music's so good, I start busting some incredible moves, you know? And I do the Dare dance routine...
    I'm not sure if the rest of the band mind that I'm the star of this video... but whatever! I mean, I saw way too much of Murdoc (Niccals, Gorillaz bass guitarist) showing off in the 'Feel Good Inc.' video. And I thought that the boys misbehaved badly in it. As I said, it's my song, you know? I wrote it! So, I can choose who's going in the video and how it's going to be made. In fact, when we started shooting the video, I didn't actually tell any of the band that we had begun. You can see 2D listening through the floorboards unaware of what is happening and Russel (Hobbs, Gorillaz drummer) is on the toilet with the newspaper also wondering what the noise is. They just don't know what's going on! Murdoc wasn't even there! He was asleep in his Winnebago and missed out on the whole shoot until right at the end when the camera's came into his bedroom. But it's his own fault. I think he should pay more attention." >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France

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  • Sham from CaliYouve got to press it on (press the issue), you just, (over) thinking that's what you do baby, hold it down dare(keep yourself together), jump with them all, and move it-(literally), jump back and forth and feel like you were there yourself(create the feelings you want/get (from them), by putting yourself in that mindset) work it out,(imagining) never did no harm, its (there) dare
  • Lil Nicky from PtownAlso the lyric was actually: you just fake it that's what you do baby- hold it down there.. because I was faking what I was really singing about. holding it down, maintaining that I wasn't really just singing all about this person I was at the time completely and totally obsessed with. Anyone ever notice gorillaz could actually be a triangle ?G-.OR-.ILL.-AZ.. ALL I know is what I do know and that is that what they're telling you is just a bunch of make believe gobbledygook.
  • Lil Nicky from PtownEverything you are reading is all a LIE. I was there the night this song was born. The truth is that I was totally obsessed with the lead singer of the Deftones who is known as "Chino" . His real name is supposedly "Camillo" I was singing on a Mic at a party I had been invited to and there were a couple of DJs down from Seattle. At the same time there was a guy with long red dreadlocks on a dry erase board who was writing words and drawing pictures while I was singing so that anytime I would draw a blank he was right there with the perfect idea to fill in my blank. It was magical and I couldn't pull myself off the mic for 6 hours. The lyrics were about me thinking about him and not wanting the people at the party to know i was singing about him. So I sang he's Camillo he's Camillo and then I switched it really quick because I thought to myself " oh my God their gonna know im singing about Chino so I switched it up quick. All I wanted was a demo . It's funny because the name of the album is DEMOn days. These people told me over the millennium their equipment was stolen. They are tricksters,liar, thieves and they steal people's souls and never lose a wink of sleep. After about 6 hours the dry erase board had turned into the most amazing scene of a Gorilla with a city on fire in the background. The only other female at the party made the comment " who would've known,it would've been a monkey.... sarcastic as hell. Thanks gorillaz for stealing a part of my heart and soul and for showing me the truth of how corrupt the music industry truly is. It's all a big Hollywood production designed to keep a small few rich and exclusive.
  • Atilio from Tegucigalpa, HondurasI've always thought that the song's lyrics are about masturbation, and not kidding. In the intro line 'It's coming up' is like when a man is about to cum. The line 'You've got to press it on you' is like 'You've got to press your hand against your d***'. The line 'You've just been thinking, that's what you do baby, hold it down there' is like 'You've been wasting time thinking whether to do it or not, but don't worry, it's what we all men use to do', as well as the line 'Never did no harm' because autosatisfaction never harm. Maybe anyone else could have a different opinion or maybe a lot have the same as mine.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlMy family went on a trip to Auburn, AL to see my aunt and I listened to this the whole way there! Love it!
  • Remy from Flagstaff, AzThis song was written after a gaff in the sound recording studio. Or lovely floating head, Shaun Ryder, couldn't hear the sound through is head phones and he kept saying that the sound was going up (it's coming up) but still couldn't hear anything until someone in the studio plugged the head phone jack in the console and suddenly it was "THERE" and Dare most likely comes from two things, Shaun Ryder's accent and the fact that it's Gorillaz why NOT have a song called DARE, just to confuse us.
  • Captain D from Cincinnati, OhThe song's lyrics are "It feels like you were there yourself, Work it out"

    Look up the lyrics
  • Arne Biesma from Amsterdam, NetherlandsI always thought the opening lines were heralding the sun: it's coming up, it's coming up, each day!
  • Messer from Cracow, Poland"Never did no harm" line is so similar to a line "In My Time of Dying" by Led Zeppelin...
  • Vee from Melbourne, Australiamusic is all about hidden messages.. this song in particular is repeatedly reminding the "target audience" of something they need to continue with.
  • Chris from Washington, Dcdirected to Linda, Bellingham, WA: thats a funny way to look at it but in reality the line "its coming up" was to represent Shaun Ryder speaking to the people out side of the recording booth to turn up the music in his head phone cause he couldnt hear it. which completes the hook in the song "its coming up, its coming up, its coming up, ITS THERE" they just thought it would be cool to use in the song so it kinda just stuck there.
  • Dawn from Glasgow, United Kingdomhow on earth can you think this song is about masturbation? it seems to me its about being brave and doing things you wouldnt normally be brave enough to do. the fact that noodles, the quiet shy gorillaz character is shown singing the song makes me believe its about daring to do things you wouldnt normally do. like dancing in a nightclub. oreven dancing in your own room but imagining you were there at a nightclub.
  • Linda from Bellingham, WaI hate to be blunt, I'm certainly not a crude person and maybe it's just me... but in my opinion, everything about this song screams "masterbation". "It's coming up..." repeated over and over... And what was said would happen to you if you did it, you'd go blind? ... "and it did no harm..." repeated over and over... just to list a couple lines. I'd like to also note that there are many discrepancies from site to site about some of the lyrics, disagreements on a word or phrase here or there. One example "jump with them all and move it..." actually sounds like and is shown on one site to be "jump with the moon and move it..." And the title "Dare" itself... I think it does mean "there" in some instances... "Hold it down Dare" which makes it fit the subject of the song perfectly if my theory is right. Think about it, I'd be curious to know if anyone else takes it this way. *shrug*
  • Dakota from Belton, ScThe lyrics aren't "Fell like you were there yourself"
    "work it out" It's "Feel like you would DARE yourself"
    "To work it out" because you can hear Mr.Ryder say to at toward the end, and "Feel like you were there yourself work it out" doesn't make since without the to work it out.
  • Mickey from Mars, PaThe video is so funny! *giggle* Disembodied heads in closets. And isn't someone reading about mass genocide while on the can?
  • Brad from Knoxville, Tnfrom my point of view i think its talking about dancing to a song normally played in a club but your not there so your dancing to it yourself by yourself,just read the lyrics,maybe then youll get my point.
  • Blake from Hamilton, OhI think it's saying how we dare our sleves to do anything for entertainment.
  • Paul Marlo from Perthawesome hey!
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