On Melancholy Hill

Album: Plastic Beach (2010)


  • Gorillaz bassist Murdoc discussed this track about love and a lost England. "The melancholy hill - it's that feeling, that place, that you get in your soul sometimes, like someone's let your tyres down. It's nice to break up the album with something a little lighter. It's good to have something that's a genuine pop moment on every album. And this is one of those."
  • In an interview with Damon Albarn during Gorillaz's 2010 tour of America, Spinner asked the front man what attracts him to melancholy. He replied: "Well, this morning I woke up and I was on a massive highway, it was grey. The autumn colors were starting to emerge from the green, but there were thousands of people driving their way into Boston to start Monday. On one hand, it's part of the pessimism of our consumer condition; on the other hand, there's a kind of beauty in it, and that's where the melancholy wins for me."

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  • Megan from Stevenson, AlOMG! When I heard this song I was freaking out! One, becasue I figured Gorillaz had a new album out and two, because it's GORGEOUS! Damon's voice is sooo sexy in this song! Mmmmm...
  • Khafre from Indianapolis, In@Andrew, Santa Rosa, CA Well technically they did but it's only a storyboard. If you look up the video 'Rhinestone Eyes' on YouTube the storyboard shows Noodle looking as the group stands around and of course sees Cyborg Noodle. Also I believe the book takes place after the Plastic Beach album which would explain how she has dialog, either that or before the album. As for the parachute part they didn't know that that happened they figured that she was on it when it was shot down and nuked.
  • Andrew from Santa Rosa, CaI know just what you're talking about Connor. But now, after making the music video of this song, gorillaz needs to make a video here noodle discovers the cyborg that murdoc built. And speeking of noodle being gone, I'm confused because in rise of the ogre, they mention how she really parachuted out of the lighthouse, but in a recently made video of murdoc talking about plastic beach and their next tour, he mentions he made the cyborg because of her disappearance, which doesn't make sense because she also had dialog in the book. Maybe someone can carify some things for me.
  • Connor from Chatham, United Kingdomwhen i hear this song it makes me think of 2D sitting on the hill next to the building next to the trees and singing into the wind about losing noodle and wanting her back like so many of us
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