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Album: Making Mirrors (2011)


  • This dub-vibed song finds Gotye paying tribute to his favorite studio gear. "When the Cotillion arrived," he sings. "We threw out the television/Model D 575/Has custom flute presets/And Harmony-Plus in addition."
  • Gotye told American Songwriter magazine this is one of his favorite tracks on Making Mirrors though he admits that it confounds some people. He explained: "I think it's quite catchy and it's written like a pop song for me, but in that way that I'd like to see more pop music be - very idiosyncratic, kind of strange, and requiring a little bit of understanding about what the hell the concept behind it is. Those are the things I think are the strongest about it. But they're also the things that turn a lot of people off about it, apart from maybe the vocoder talk box voice on it."
  • The break of horns was sampled from an obscure record that Gotye found in an Australian thrift store. He told Spinner: "It was a promotional record for Cathay Pacific airlines in the '70s and it featured a fairly commercially successful pop star from Korea at the time, Francis Yip. It's a great song. It's a traditional recording called 'Green Is the Mountains,' which was a Taiwanese folk song. So that was kind of vaguely perverse to weave that into a sort of pseudo-dub, weird tech production extravaganza tune."


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