Album: Remington (2016)
  • This song was inspired by Granger Smith's late father, who passed away in 2014. "I've been working, and my brothers have been working for so long on music and traveling and doing our thing, and Dad was always my biggest fan," the singer told Taste of Country. "He was always back home in Texas, on his ranch, doing his own thing … he was on his tractor every day, all day long."
  • Smith is the lone writer of the song. He told Taste of Country it "kind of poured out" after he and his brothers visited their father's farm after his death. The singer didn't intend to include it on Remington, but once his brothers and his wife heard the track, they convinced him it should be made available.
  • Filming the music clip was a moving experience for Smith. "Making this video was very special to me," the singer shared on Facebook. "The man isn't an actor, it's my dad's lifelong best friend. This isn't a music video set, it's dad's barn, dad's field, dad's tractor. I still miss him every day."


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