Waggle Dance Song

Album: CBeeBies (2010)
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  • The waggle dance may sound like a slightly erotic successor to the twist, but it is actually done by bees. They perform this complex figure of eight manouvre on entering the hive after gathering nectar.
    In the words an anonymous BBC correspondent writing in May 2005, "The direction the bees point while performing the dance, Professor von Frisch speculated, indicates the direction of the food source in relation to the Sun; while the intensity of the waggles indicate how far away it is."
    Still with the BBC, but only if you have a strong stomach, there is a waggle dance of a different kind. Paul Moessl was one of twelve finalists in the BBC New TV Composers Scheme, 2006.
    Though he won't win any awards for this one, it was certainly not out of place on the CBeeBies programme, which will undoubtedly be a source of future embarrassment for the Green Balloon Club members when they grow up. Those who haven't already. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England
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