Green Day

Billie Joe ArmstrongVocals, guitar1987-
Mike Dirnt (Michael Pritchard)Bass1987-
Tre Cool (Frank Edwin Wright III)Drums1990-
John KiffmayerDrums1987-1990
Jason WhiteGuitar, backing vocals2012-

Green Day Artistfacts

  • Green Day were one of the latter-day punk bands to emerge from the 924 Gilman Street club scene in Berkeley, California. Champions of East Bay punk-pop, their mid-'90s success helped bring punk briefly to the forefront of the music industry, which caused a backlash among some fans who accused them of "selling out." They were banned from Gilman Street after signing with the major label Reprise Records.
  • After their first two independent releases, Green Day developed a fervent fanbase, which prompted a bidding war among record labels eager to sign them. They milked the attention for all it was worth, allowing labels to pay for trips, dinners and alcohol even though they had no interest in most of them. They made one suitor take them to Disneyland.
  • Billie Joe recorded and released his first single "Looking For Love" at the age of 5 on Fiat records. The first song he wrote and then recorded was "Why Do You Want Him?" when he was 12.
  • Armstrong and Dirnt played together in a band called Sweet Children before forming Green Day. They once played at a high school party with the band The Lookouts in a remote mountain location near Willits, California. Only five kids showed up for the party and there was no electricity in the house, so Sweet Children had to play using a generator and candlelight, but they played, as Lookouts singer/guitarist Larry Livermore put it, "As if they were the Beatles at Shea Stadium."
  • The band's name comes from a term referring to a day spent smoking pot, hanging around, and doing absolutely nothing. The band were joint-smokers since puberty and Billie Joe got his nickname, "Two Dollar Bill," from selling joints at that price at his high school. It is widely reported that when the boys went to their high school principal to say that they were dropping out to become a full-time band the principal observed that "would be a green day in hell" before they amounted to anything.
  • At age 12, Tre Cool became a member of the band The Lookouts. Their album attracted some attention, and Tre began performing at an early age at 924 Gilman Street. In 1987, Armstrong and Dirnt formed The Sweet Children with Armstrong on lead vocals and guitar and Dirnt on bass and backing vocals. They began playing in 1988 at Rod's Hickory Pit in Rodeo, California. In 1989, the Children renamed themselves Green Day, after their first semi-successful song. They soon added Al Sobrante (born John Kiftmeyer), and went looking for a record deal.
  • Green Day signed with Lookout Records in 1989 and released their first EP, 1,000 Hours And Slappy in 1990. The next year, they produced the album 39/Smooth and released it in 1991. (The EPs would eventually be re-released on one CD as 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours). Al Sobrante left the band at this point, and was replaced by Tre. Green Day kicked off a national tour the day after Dirnt graduated from high school in 1990, then returned to the studio to produce their second album Kerplunk in 1992. The group signed with Reprise Records in April 1993 and released Dookie in February 1994.
  • They played both Lollapalooza and Woodstock 1994. At their Woodstock gig, a mud fight broke out between the band and the audience. The audience won: Dirnt ended up losing his front teeth.
  • Mike Dirnt was adopted. His adopted parents got divorced when he was young.
  • Billie Joe's father died of cancer when Billie was 10 years old. Before he died, he gave Billie Joe his first guitar. Billie named it Blue and now has many replicas of it. >>
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    Ashy - Yonkers, NY, for above 2
  • Billie Joe Armstrong is a playable character in the skateboarding game Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. The game also includes numerous Marvel characters. >>
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    Alex - Glendale, AZ
  • Armstrong married Adrienne Nesser in 1994, shortly after Dookie was released. The couple met in 1990 when Green Day played a show in Minnesota, where Adrienne lived. They have two children, Jacob and Joesph. Tre Cool has been married twice, and divorced twice, and has two children, Frankito and Ramone. Mike Dirnt also has a daughter, Estelle.
  • Every member in Green Day has tattoos, but they all have "E.B.P.M." somewhere on their bodies, meaning "East Bay Punk Mafia."
  • Other bands Billie Joe was in were Pinhead Gunpowder, Blatz, Goodbye Harry and Corrupted Morals and Rancid. Other instruments he plays are the drums, harmonica, guitar and the mandolin.
  • Billie Joe's cat, Zero, died in a tragic washing machine accident.
  • In the film Freaky Friday the daughter Anna (played by Lindsay Lohan) has a Green Day poster in her room.
  • During soundcheck, Billie Joe likes to practice on the drums, and Tre likes to play frisbee with the other crew members while they are riding skateboards. Tre also gives away a pair of drumsticks to a random person watching the soundcheck.
  • Tre is the godfather of Billie Joe's kids.
  • Billie Joe's hair is naturally reddish brown. If you've seen him with it dyed, you know he's no-holds-barred: blue, red, green, orange, and bright yellow are regularly rotated.
  • The first instrument Tre played was violin when he was nine years old. >>
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  • Armstrong is double jointed in his elbows.
  • Dirnt worked as a cook before Green Day became famous.
  • Armstrong is the youngest of six children.
  • The band has always been very candid about their drug use. When they started out, they talked openly about their recreational use of amphetamines, alcohol, and of course, marijuana. With the "War On Drug" still raging, this was an unusual admission.
  • In 2015, the band were inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, with pop-punk band Fall Out Boy inducting the band at the ceremony on April 18th. To celebrate, Green Day performed a two-hour-plus show at the House of Blues in Cleveland two days before the ceremony, featuring a special hour-long set as their original Sweet Children incarnation - complete with original drummer John Kiffmeyer performing with them for the first time in well over two decades. They also invited Rancid singer Tim Armstrong up to play some songs, including the Rancid song "Radio" that Billie Joe Armstrong had co-written for the band back in 1993.
  • Facebook founder and Green Day fan Mark Zuckerberg asked Billie Joe Armstrong to play at his wedding in 2012. The singer told Q magazine Zuckerberg set up his first Facebook account for him. "It's a secret one," he said. "Nobody knows I'm on there."

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  • Jolene from FloridaGreen Day is awesome. But it's so weird to hear Tre on a skateboard or Mike cooking. Yes, imagine it, please.

    @Luke from Vancouver, Canada
    Dude i first heard Green Day when i was 7 sitting in a car. I'm not a teen and i don't even know what MTV is, or who they are.
  • Liam from VirginiaGreen Day didn't sell out. The definition of punk music is going against the norm. And Green Day did just that, again and again. American Idiot, Nimrod, Warning, etc, time and time again they've done things most punks only dream of doing. Just because they're popular doesn't make them sellouts.

    Green Day's my favourite band. Everyone has the right to their opinion, but this is mine.
  • Mike from Anaheim, CaAllow me to clear some things up

    1) Jason White is a official member that helps Billie during live performances while Billie is singing and running around.
    2) Green Day is 2 words
    3) International Superhits and shenanigans are not albums. They are compilation albums made up of their most famous songs.
    4) Their new stuff can be interpreted many ways people just choose to think of it as political.
    5) They are not that old only like 41
    6) Makeup is part of the act and doesn't mean that they are gay
    7) They have 11 studio albums not 9- 39 smooth (nickname), Insomniac, Kerplunk, Warning, Nimrod, Dookie, American Idiot, 21st century breakdown, Uno, Dos, Tre
  • Shadow from Depression, VaWow. Okay, first of all, Green Day is NOT selling out. Sure, some music of theirs may be crappy (i.e. American Idiot). But they're STILL going at 2012. Sell-outs, to me, are those who just quit and give up and stop writing music. And why is it that every single person who hates Green Day likes classic rock? Personally, I like both.
    American Idiot is an awful album. It's so f***ing POLITICAL. Political music sucks. The only good songs on there are "Wake Me Up When September Ends" and "Give Me Novicane". The others are just crap. I like their old stuff better than their new new stuff (i.e. "Uno!"). It's wrong to say that they're "selling out" just because they don't write the same song they did ten years ago.
    Also, who gives a f**k that Billie Joe is bi? Some people on here just might be bi, or gay, or something else. I'm bi, and I don't care if people treat me different. I don't wear makeup, but that's not the point. Some people are just plain homophobic.
  • Sc from Anchorage, AkTO ALL THE HATERS: It's pretty obvious that no one in Green Day cares about the negative comments that come their way. So don't even bother putting up hate comments, if Green Day is such a waste of your time. Green Day (and their fans) could really care less about your inability to enjoy good music. This is an amazing band that is full of talent that very few musicians can match.
  • Jenny from Indianapolis, InGreen Day may be able to make political statements in their music, but do they have to be overly annoying about it? Seriously, everytime I listen to any of their modern music all I'm hearing is "You're all so bad and we're all so good, blah, blah, blah." I mean, sure, they're entitled to their own opinion, and I respect that. It's just at the point when they start telling everyone else how stupid they are if they don't agree about every little thing they say, that's when they've gone from "respectable" to "downright annoying". *shakes head sadly* And to think I used to like Green Day. I prefer classic rock now, that stuff is timeless, and those bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Aerosmith can make a political statement...and still be open minded to other people's inputs.
  • Carley from St. Thomas, OnPS the cape, crown and stage-humping I was refering to is from the Bullet in a Bible DVD
  • Carley from St. Thomas, OnReal men wear eyeliner! xx
  • Carley from St. Thomas, OnThere is no secret fourth member. Jason White plays guitar in the concerts because if you notice half the time Billie Joe is running around the stage entertaining the crowd. I think he does a fantastic job of that. Obviously it wound be difficult to play the guitar while running around tith a cape and a crown on so the people who are saying Jason plays the solos "for him" in the concerts can shut the f--k up. I Love Green Day
  • September Heaven from Lawton, MiOH, and one more thing. . Green Day is not THAT old I mean look at U2, actually more like look at the Rolling Stones. .THEY'RE ANCIENT!!!Ne way Green Day just started young. .and probably younger than most ACTUAL rock stars started out. .(This rules out Hannah Montana, Lindsay Lohan fake people in general)LMAO
  • September Heaven from Lawton, MiOK. . .I've read these past comments and it's sort of annoying. . .cuz like I've said before on this website. . why is Green Day haters commenting on a Green Day page. . .they're cleartly in denial. It's almost like showing up to a wedding, not knowing the bride/groom or anyone there for that matter and bashing them. Also I don't know what some of you are talking about when you say that the fourth member of GD is like a secret. . .Jason White has been there almost the whole time. .Infact he was in the When I come Around music video. . he's the guy making out with the girl toward the end of the music video. So hopefully that clears some air.
  • Andrew from Bartlett, TnGreen Day is a meteator for smoking weed
  • Mary from LondonI didn't know Green Day was that old.
  • Shelby from The Dark SideHas anyone ever thought about how Tre really does NOT look like a Frank? Lol. Green Day = cool.
  • Aaron from Manistee, MiGreean Day + U2 equals great half time show. No need for Jason White when you got The Edge.
  • Jo from Sringfeild, MoI think that billy joe is the hottest think in the world and the best singer in the world.people say that he is bi but i think the people how say that are gay!peice out!
  • Sara<3 from Austin, Txgreen day, sell out or not, are by far my favorite band. they have helped and influenced me in my music so much. i hope i can meet them someday just so i can thank them for what they have done for me. thier music is incredible. you dont have to like them - it's a free country atfer all - but all this hating has to end. i'm with Jake on this.
    peace ya'll! <3
  • Jake from South Bound Brook, Njthe money below arent actual figures, just used to portray my example.
  • Jake from South Bound Brook, Nji think calling any band a sell out is rediculous... if you had the choice of $1,000,000 and $100,000,000 which would you choose... only an 'american idiot' would say 'im not gonna be a sell out, take your 99 mil and shove it... cut them some slack.. my opinion, green day is a spectacular band that keeps selling out concerts and makin top hits... thats the point of the music industry. :)
  • Ryan from Costa Mesa, CaThey were total gold until they sold out with American Idiot.
  • Brian from Selden, NyThere isn't a band better than them! THEY ROCK! I hate the people who don't agree!
  • Maggotman from Lancaster, Ohgreen Day has definatly sold out listen people like marylin manson ecspecially if yur depressed. Trust me listen to his lyrics and yu will se houw he got ya back. Peace and cuffs are the nwe style.
  • Meredith from Broughshsane, IrelandGreen Day are ok, they've got some pretty catchy songs, but they're not brilliant. Definitely not legend material.
  • Mark from Grand Rapids, MiI have no idea if it's true or not, but it seems that every interview given by the band is always all three of them together, never individually. I've just noticed that over the years and it struck me as pretty cool. It shows solidarity and stresses the fact that not one member is more important than any other. If they have given indivdual interviews, well then strike the above.

  • Holly from Ridley Park , PaGreen Day is the greatest band and their music is awesome and all u green day haters need to leave them alone.
  • Maan from Quebeck, Canadathe 4th guitarist of green day isn't a secret guitarist because if he's a secret guitarist i wouldnt know him and his background... his name is jason white, he's 33 i guess and he's already married... and green day is not the first band ever in this world that did that... nirvana did that thing also, and that's just for the good sake of the band... it's just that they keep on thinking things to improve their make their band even better... and for those people who don't like green day, just keep your mouth shut and don't say bad things 'bout them cause maybe its just that your not used to the kind of music green day plays... me, i don't like some other bands out there but im not sayin anything about them... sometimes the ones that you think the worst are the best... just give it a chance... listen to them for a while and look over the messages of their songs and you'll realized what kind of people are they... for me, whatever you say GREEN DAY is the BEST ROCK BAND in this world ever...!!! well, you know, all people has their own way of looking through things and i can't blame you if that's your opinion well your free to say your opinion and i respect that, so hope you'll do the same... GREEN DAY ROCK!!!
  • Mandi from Port Angeles, WaThat is so true, Mandi. I agree with you 100%
  • Mandi from Port Angeles, WaMost of these comments make me want to cry. Yeah, Green Day is entertaining to listen to (in general. This statement obviously doesn't inclue American Idiot, since it is crap), and it is very simple as far as punk rock goes, so that is why they are so popular. Don't say that it's becuase they are "sOo AwEsOMEE!@!" becuase they aren't that talented, they just don't write very complex music so people begin to like the songs easier. They aren't BAD musicians, but they certainly don't deserve their cult-like following when there are other bands much more deserving, which are barely recognized.
  • Jon from Kernersville, NcGreen Day is Awesome. The Best Song ever is the political song that everybody that has even heard Green Day has to be HOLIDAY. I have every album that they have ever made except for 1,000 hours, but i still have burned most of the songs that are on that CD on to a recordable disk or my Computer.
  • Chris from Derwood, MdTre is a good drummer.
  • Rick from Humboldt, IaIt is true that teens will listen to anything MTV says is cool. Just look at all that rap "music" that kids buy!
  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaDon't tell me that Green Day havnt sold out, they have their own line of shoes.
  • Danielle from Philly, Pa Tre's daughter's name is Ramona, Billie Joe's son is JaKob. GD didnt sell out, it's called they got too big for their original label to handle. Jason White was never part of GD.

    Billie Joe is a fantastic guitar player, considering he's been playing for over 2 decades. Green Day is two words. Billie Joe has no "y". Jason White may perform the live solos, but it's not like Billie Joe didn't write them.

    Green Day lost the battle of the bands in CA, when they were barely even known outside the punk rock underground. Billie Joe is Bi, and he wears make-up. ok, we got it. I'm not sure that they completely stopped drugs, but I do know that now that they're married and have kids, they've been clean considering they dont exactly want their kids to grow up on like, pot.

    I'm almost positive that MTV didn't tell me to listen to GD, I just bought a CD one day... and im also certain that MTV has absolutely no diabolical plans to take over all the teenage minds by way of GD.

    Longview, Hicthin' A Ride, Basket Case, Good Riddance, Warning, Jaded, and Minority are by no means GD's best songs, or even close to being GD's best songs. Try: Only of You, She (especially Live), Stuart & the Avenue, Westbound Sign, One For the Razorbacks, No One Knows, Deadbeat Holiday, Who Wrote Holden Caulfield (J.D. Salinger, btw), Platypus (I Hate You), You Lied, and Macy's Day Parade (haha this is me trying to limit my list of GD songs to 5 max).

    "Billy Joe's" biggest fear probably isn't losing just Mike and Tre; do you think maybe he might miss his kids and Adie, too? and how could you even know that? did you ask him about his biggest fear?

    And here, in my opinion, are GD's albums best to worst:

    1. Insomniac
    2. Kerplunk
    3. Dookie
    4. Nimrod
    5. 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours
    6. Shenanigans
    7. American Idiot
    8. Warning

    And even though I'm being mean, I'm mainly just trying to clear all this up, so there is no confusion. And hey, let's just face it, I'm right.
  • Joe from Chicago, Arhere are green day's best albums in ordere
    5.10/30 smoothed out slappy hours
    6.american idiot
    7.internatinol superhits
    i love green day their da best and i think there one of the best bands ever
  • Luke from Vancouver, CanadaGreen Day is such a joke. They are seriously one of the worst bands in histroy yet they get so much recognition from teens. Why? Because teens are insecure and will listen to any damn thing MTV tells them to listen to. Why don't you try and listen to some actual good music like Zeppelin, or Jethro Tull, not this BS. Yer all falling into MTV's plan, they own you and yer all too dumb to realize that.
  • Carlos from Coral Springs, FlGreen Day "sold out" the moment they signed a contract just like every other band that is out there today. Yeah U2 sold out. so did Metallica etc. and I am ok with that because if they didnt, we wouldnt have their great music they (including others) have produced the last decade or so just like other great bands have. The only people Green Day "sold out" to are disgruntled
    punkers from 924 Gilman Street. Green Day now "sells out" all thier concerts!
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaGreen Day is the best band ever! Their music rocks. They are pretty old, but they're so cool!
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhBilly Joe lost a lot of his friends when the band got big they all said he sold out so when he talks about his friends he talks about Tre and Mike. His worst fear is to lose Tre and Mike.
  • Claire from Not Telling, PaIts hard to pick just one But my favorite from Green Day has to be Tre..
  • Arlo from Franklin, KyOk, so here's how it is. Green Day is not selling out. They still write their own songs, so therefore, they are not selling out. Most people are simply confusing "maturity" with "selling out." These people cannot grasp the concept of a band chaning their sound one iota just to keep everyone happy. This is what they are doing now.

    Also, I saw Green Day live at the Redding Festival in England. Billie Joe did a pertty cool solo behind his head during "Knowledge" and, needless to say, I was impressed. Take into consideration that I also listen to artist such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Paul Gilbert, so I am not trying to say that BJ is the best guitar player ever, but he sure as hell dosn't suck. They have 9 full-lenght studio albums. I own them all. I also own "Bowling Bowling Bolwing Parkin," a live album that was relseased after a live show in Japan. I'm not sure how it came to be, b/c it's not in their discography. I love Green Day. #1 fave band.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandHey they're pretty good paul arent they. Pinhead Gunpowder i mean, we all know Green Day are awesome. I couldnt find them on that site you said, but I got loads off limewire. Yeah I think I like them. They're like old green day, but not as good
  • Paul from Castalia, NcThis is a great band. Thats why my band is a tribute band to Green Day. Because their songs sound Great. Also who cares if they only use 3 chords cause thats just great for me Heh Heh! :P
  • Paul from Castalia, NcDid anybody know that Billie Joe is in another band? Its called Pinhead Gunpowder and the "secret" guitarist Jason White is in it. To anyone who hasn't heard them before you can hear some song samples on Cheeck 'm out!
  • Tanya from London, EnglandWhether a band has 2 followers or 2 billion, the meaning and 'heart' in the music does not change. Whether the band makes no money out of it or become multi billionaires out of it, the meaning and heart in the music does not change. People who actually admit to green day making good music, but refuse to 'like' it because they have 'too many' fans now, are total snobs, when they, infact, are some of the people that helped them to stardom and lots of fans. sorry if that made no sense whatsoever lol. I know what I mean
  • Paul from Castalia, NcEven if you dont like the stuff on American Idiot let me just inform you that they have other stuff then that, for instance....
    Hicth'n a ride
    Basket Case
    Good Riddance
    I have 3 more pages of songs if you want more. Bille Joe is the most impressive artists I have ever heard and I dont care what nobody says about it. Its true that Bille is bi, stay on this site and look up the song Coming Clean, you'll understand.
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Caamerican idiot did impress motto right now is "all modern music sucks" but surprisingly i like 2 or 3 songs off american idiot! however...the rest of their songs were complete fillers that i can't tell apart. everyone who likes green day really needs to listen to classic rock! i recommend...queen for starters. or if you're really advanced, you can jump straight to led zeppelin!
  • Tanya from London, Englandamanda, i think this is right. He wrote his first song when he was 5, called Looking for Love or something like that, which he also recorded. Then he wrote Why Do You Want Him when he was 14 which was his first proper, 'good' song I think, which later appeared on 1,039/smoothed out slappy hours
  • The Kid Next Door from Wichita, KsMy firends that live in california is really good friends with Green Day. I hadnt seen my friends for awile so they came out for a suprise at my birthday party and they brought Green Day with them. It was so awsome. I have pictures with them and 5 different passes for 5 people to go to 10 of their concerts for free and they are backstage passes. The passes also include another 1 set of 5 to go on tour with them for any tour we so choose. They are really great guys.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandJason White is a long time friend of the band and tours with them. He has no intention of becoming a fourth member of Green Day. Anyway, I think Green Day's older stuff is amazing but their new material is too. If you don't like it because it's different to what you're used to, just give it a chance. And get Bullet in the Bible dvd of Milton Keynes 18th June 05, out on november 14th in UK and 15th in US (i think). Don't forget that Green Day recently won Best Live Band award and that this Milton Keynes gig was number 1 on kerrangs top 100 gigs EVER. So you have to be pretty insane not to get it. Was the best night of my life that. GREEN DAY ROCK!
  • Ken from Dallas, Tx>I Love Green Eggs and Ham, they are the best band ever!!!

    >My favourate song by Green Eggs and Ham is "Welcome to Paradise City"
  • Selcan from Ankara, Turkeyi havent listen green day yet but my boyfriend let me to hear a part of wake me up when september ends on the phone and i just listen and was very nice..glorious ...and he said me that this was the song that i think about us together...we havent seen eachother yet.just we send the photos.i didnt see him but when i listen this song on the phone i think that he was holding me in his arms.i wish that green days songs will be with us when we are together and let us to feel wonderfull
  • Damon from Warwick, RiThis instantly make me old, but I've been listening to Green Day since the Slappy days (pre CD, kids) and I've remained a fan. After seeing them several times on the small club level, I can attest that contrary to popular belief, Billie Joe is a great guitarist...maybe not on the Joe Satriani/Kirk Hammett wanking level (if you're into that kind of thing) but quite fast, accurate and accomplished.

    I also agree with the writers who noted that the addition of a second guitarist allows the band to write more challenging songs without sacrificing their live show. Nirvana pulled in Pat Smear (Germs) to help fill in the parts of In Utero for the same reason. Billie Joe still plays all the parts, but the ability to have a touring guitarist gives the band more flexibility in songwriting. It also allows the band to pick up Billie Joe's slack if he gets sick or injured during the tour -- they're a long way from the small club scene and a ton of money is at stake. That's not "selling out," that's covering your ass so your fans don't get a crummy show on an off night.

    And a shout-out to my RI sister, were probably too young to see Green Day at the Skate Hut in Olneyville or AS220 on Richmond Street (in what is now Jerky's) circa 1992...but they haven't changed a bit (other than the stage is a little bigger and their Dad isn't driving their tour van.) There's a lot of bands that walk in their footsteps, but -none- of them would be here without the relentless touring those guys did for years.
  • Reid from Newnan, GaGreen day is okay but there are many bands much greater them like the rolling stones, the beatles, led zeppelin, jimi hendrix, and collective soul to name a few. By the way whats with billy joe wearing all that eyeliner?
  • Brittany from Savannah, GaGreen Day is the best band ever! I am totally in love with Billie Joe! All of you out there who say Green Day is "Selling Out" need to shut up. He is an amazing singer and guiter player who is totally sexy. If anyone has met Green Day can they answer a few of my questions. I read that Billie Joe is Bi, and I was just wondering if that was true. Personally I think it is bull. Another thing....Does the band still do drugs? Well please answer! And remember that Green Day is the BEST BAND EVER! I LOVE THEM!
  • Joe from Ontario, CaOK about this 4th guitarist, in case you havent noticed how Green Days sound has been maturing, they are starting to use rhythm and lead guitar during their songs. Before they started doing this it was just BJ strumming out his three chorder songs which puts a lot of limits on their style and makes all their songs sound the same. Basically, you can play the whole dookie album on guitar by playing the same chord in different places, no lie. Dont look to BJ for his guitar accomplishments, he is not a great guitar player by any means. He is however, an awesome song writer, performer, and has a certain charismatic ability when he sings that is unrivaled by any other. Green Day is one of my favorite bands been listening since 1994- they have really come a long way
  • Lianna from Sanfransico, CaI have been a greenday fan for like- ever and I have to say this- anyone that wants to introduce me to them i would give them anything.
  • Josh from New Orleans, LaBillie Joe is a hell of a guy to hang with, got the opportunity to be in his presence both on-stage and off-stage at Voodoo Fest 2004. He's also the only artist I've seen call random people on-stage to play every instrument in the band only to give his own guitar and road case to the kid that was playing it. Don't hate on Billie Joe or Green Day until you've experienced them upclose and personal.
  • Alison from Escondido, CaGreen day was once in a battle of the bands. They lost.
  • Tubby from Newcast;e, EnglandNo, AJ is right. Green Day are selling out, and are more popular than ever. There is a 4th guitarist who does the solos. I've seen them live and its true. Although Green Day are amazing live
  • Billi-jo from London, EnglandAJ. Are you one of the best punk bands to date? Can you play a guitar, sign some kiss ass songs and actually entertain people as well? My arse can you. So shut the hell up. Thank you.
    Green Day Rox My Sox by the way.
    Billie is the Sex.
  • Mrs. Armstrong from Houston, TxMike Dirnt is not his real name he got his last name beacause he could not take his guitar to school so he sat in class going dirnt dirnt dirnt
    and he was the only one who graduated high school
  • Jess from Leicester, EnglandNo way are Green Day selling out. I don't know how people can say that they are, can you actually define selling out before you go and label Green Day? And the fourth 'secret' member is Jason White, and he isn't an official member because he doesn't want to be. And besides, so what if there's an extra guitarist? Just means Billie Joe can concentrate on singing and entertaining the crowd. Green Day kick major ass. End of
  • Shayne from Nambour, AustraliaOMG! Greenday rocks my best friend and i are totally in love with them. And my bestie recons billie joe is the hottest guy eva(i do to)
  • Josephine from ..., RiI just want to say that Green Day are the best...I like very much them...they're really cool.About their songs...I don't have words...are awesome...and the guys...too:)!
    Green Day number 1 !!!
  • Brooke from Maple Shade, United StatesI don't know the other guy's name, but I do know that he is there to help Billie Joe do a good performance. Because Nirvana did the same thing in the early nineties by adding another guitarist to play live. It just takes alot of the work off the singer/guitarist performing live so they can sing better.
  • David from Ayr, ScotlandHe's called Jason White, and appears in their tours. He only appeared as a band member in Wake Me Up When September Ends, and was the tennager with the girlfriend in When I Come Around.
  • Aj from Cleveland, GaGreen Day is selling out. And there is a secret fourth member that hardly anyone knows about and he does Billie Joe's guitar solos for him when they perform live.
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