2,000 Light Years Away

Album: Kerplunk! (1992)


  • This song was written for Billie Joe Armstrong's girlfriend Adrienne Nesser (his punk rock girl). They met in Minnesota where she hails from, and fell in love. She is a bit older than him and he couldn't bear being on tour and missing her ("I dream about her, because she's 2,000 light years away"). Billie ended up marrying Adrienne and they had two boys. >>
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  • Cla! from Edmonton, AbDoes the intro sound like "CHUMP" from Dookie to anyone else?
  • Lacey from Chicago, Ili agree with whitney-hazelhurst! we need more guys like billie joe in our lives...the sweet side:) gahh. but anyways, one of the classic songs from green day. lovelovelove:))
  • Layton from Paris, TxI saw this on my friends iPod and I really liked the song. The guitar riff is awesome and the background vocals are amazing as usual. Mike Dirnt has some really good backing vocals.
  • Kayla from Ballston Lake, NyJoe if you like Dookie then how about you listen to FOD.
    (I'm one of those freaks who likes both new and old Greeen Day)
  • Kayla from Ballston Lake, NyIf anyone was wondering, a malakite is a green stone. Billie Joe's eyes are green.
  • Corey from West Portsmouth, Oh, AfghanistanA drummer Green Day had in between John and Tre recieved partial credit for writing this song. He quit the band because he thought he wasn't good enough to play in it.
  • Phoebe from Belchertown, MaMy is he a gusher. :)
  • Gary from Ewing, Nji have it on my ipod. i am happy
  • Nikki from Huntington Beach, CaYES!!! Somebody FINALLY spelled Billie--BILLIE, with an IE-- Joe's name right!!! Sorry, sorry, I just can't help but have a heart attack and die when I see his name spelled "Billy". I'm weird that way. Anyways, I don't think I can tell you anything that hasn't already been said...just that it's a really great song. It's the type of song that you don't really like that much at first, but it grows on you. I heard that it got some airplay, but considering I wasn't even alive in 1992 I wouldn't know.
  • Sarah from Melbourne, Australia2 joe from chicago ya gay KERPLUNK is great u got one thing right but green day is as good as ever Jesus Of suburbia is great!
  • Katie from Mc, In Kimberly, I agree. This reminds me of this guy I like. He lives not too far away but just a few miles. We can't see each other. It sucks.
  • Joe from Chicago, Arholy crap i just looked at some of my old green day comments on this website i can't believe i liked that jesus of suburbia crap anyway kerplunk is their best album next too 1/039 and dookie after insominac they just sold out
  • Ann from Salt Lake City, Utactually this song was written right after the first time Billie Joe Kissed Adrienne. Its about how he feels when hes with her.
  • Joe from Chicago, Arby the way if any of you missed the jesus of suburbia 9 minute long video like me then you can easily find it on the internet
  • Joe from Chicago, Arthis is a great song and it is on the "kerplunk" album and billie joe,mike dirnt and tre cool are all awesome anyway this is a great song and so is the album
  • Jess from Gladstone, AustraliaThis song was written after his first kiss with Adrienne!!! TYhey kissed and he went right home and wrote this song.
  • Sophie from Yorkshire, EnglandHe wrote it because she lives in Minesotta (sp?) and he lives in California, so when they got off their tour he couldn't see her anymore. Eventually he convinced her to move to Cali.

    Christine - you're thinking of the song called 1000 Hours
  • Jade from LondonThnx 4 the Jesus of Surburbia vid info Tanya, & i can't w8 either 4 the preview 2 the Bullet n a Bible D.V.D. Can't w8, way hey, lol!!!
  • Tanya from London, Englandjade, OH MY GOD!!!!! HFUJDUGUREY JGYERU FHERGUJHJK UKGYIUGJH. in other words, im excited lol. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tanya from London, Englandthats weird christine coz they play it alot at gigs
  • Christine from Worcester, MaI love this song, but I read somewhere Billie doesn't like it. HE said somthing about it being sappy and he wished thye didn't play it. I'll have to find the quote and post it
  • Whitney from Hazelhurst, GaWhy can't all guys be that sweet?
  • Kimberly from Kettering, Ohi think this song is really sweet. is is about how he had just been kissed by adrienne and he had to go on tour and he couldnt see her. why cant all guys be that sweet? i love billie joe!!!
  • Scribble from Peaks Island, MeHe wrote this after his first kiss with Adrienne. Actually, I might be thinking about another song on the 1039//Smoothed Out//Slappy Hours disc.
  • Candice from PerthBillie Joe actually wrote this song after the first time he and Adrienne kissed. How sweet!
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