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  • Front man Billie Joe Armstrong has stated that this song is about coming out of the closet. Billie Joe himself stated, "I think I've always been bisexual" in a 1995 issue of The Advocate. He also brings up his thoughts on the issues of heterosexuality and homosexuality in the music world. >>
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  • More from the Advocate interview with Billie Joe: "I think mostly it's been kept in my head. I've never really had a relationship with another man. But it is something that comes up as a struggle in me. It especially came up when I was about 16 or 17. In high school people think you have to be so macho. People get attacked just because someone insinuates something about their sexuality. I think that's gruesome." >>
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  • Stacey from Glasgow, United Kingdomi love this song, i think billie joe is very brave about writing about being bi and i think green day are the best
  • Stacey from Glasgow, United Kingdomi really like this song. i think Billie Joe Armstrong is really brave to write a song about being bi. i love green day and i hope that i will see them in concert one day. they are f--king awesome.
  • Maddy from Woodhaven., MiI love this song, and the fact that Billie has the guts to put this out there. There are some cruel ass people out there, and he's not afraid to be shunned by them. He's really not afraid of anything, and I think that's what makes punks love him so much. He's an inspiration, he's very admirable.
  • Sam from Deerfield, Ilyah, this song is great. I agree with billie joe in saying that it's not a taboo. (not that i'm gay)
    I wonder why he says mon & dad, when his dad was long dead by the time he was seventeen
  • Phoebe from Belchertown, MaProlly my favorite song on Dookie; definitely the most personal, which I like a lot.
    I read the Advocate interview and I was pretty wowed. I had a whole new respect for him afterward. :) good thing he's open about it; I like that alot.
  • Laura from Bham, United KingdomBisexuals rule! And hardly any of my mates know that Billie joe is one... :?

    Yay! We get a song.... :D
  • Barbara from Winner, SdWe're sposed to comment on the song.. not the front man's sexuality. Who cares anyway - it's wrong but oh well.
  • Spencer from AustraliaFirst of all, Zully is wrong. I've been bi since I was 7. I wasn't with a guy till I was 13. I was still bi!
    Second, BJ rocks out loud! He is super-sexy! I'm very lucky. I went to a GD concert, front row. He took me onstage!!! I played the guitar, from music I wrote. I nearly fainted when he gave me the kiss! YAY!!!
  • Jay from Jackson, MsBillie Joe's Gay? O_O plz tell me if he is or not. i must kno
  • Spam from West Islip, NyThis is an amazing song, by an amazing bands. It's about time us Bi folks had a song. Oh, and zully? You're an idiot. He's Bi. He even said so.
  • Ibiso from Bradford, Englandbillie-joe is one of the rarest n rebellious(without being an annoying attension seeker) est guy i ever knew and proberbly ever will, when i found out billie-joe was bi like forever ago i was cool coz some of ma m8s r bi n i think everyone was open about how they feel like billie then the world would be a less stressful place to live in.
    xxx.ceya on tour in england
  • Jordan from Bradford, EnglandIt's just the same as being straight. Except you make out with guys as well. I'm bi and It rocks. Go Billie Joe.
  • Bob from Rio Vista, CaCould somebody count how many times (not including this post) "bi" and "bisexual" were used during this long string of comments?
  • Joe from Chicago, Arthis is a great song and billie joe is so kool
  • Tiffany from Oakland, CaAt first it creeped me out that billie joe was bi, but after like, a day, i was like so what.i mean it's his life.I think ppl need to stop trip'n
    and any ways,I LOVE THIS SONG
  • Paul Taylor from Castalia, NcThink about this. While your sitting here arguing about Bille Joe's sexuality you could be listening to there music.
  • Lauren from Denver, CoNot sure how long this has been going on, but just thought I'd post the article.

    By Judy Wieder

    ......While punk thrives on thumbing its nose at convention, the surprisingly serious Armstrong insists that bringing Pansy Division on the road with Green Day was not just a gimmick to shock fans. Before their switch to a mainstream label (Reprise), Green Day did two albums for Lookout Records, the same label Pansy Division is on. They also share with Pansy Division a commitment to what they call personal politics.

    'I think Pansy Division is the kind of band that saves people's lives,' Armstrong says matter-of-factly. 'They're catchy, and they're really educational. They're honest about their sexuality, and that saves lives.'

    'Sometimes it gets kind of ugly because there are a lot of ignorant dorks out in the audience, and they start throwing s--t at Pansy Division,' he continues, discussing the tour. 'I was kind of discouraged watching the audience flip them off. I kept thinking, S--t, these are the people who are here to see us''

    Armstrong's response was to stop his band's show in the middle of a set and address the audience. 'You're all f--king pathetic,' he told them. 'There you were, three songs into their set, really enjoying them. And then you figured out from their lyrical content that they're gay, and now you're afraid of them. And that's what it is, you know. You're afraid of them. Well, I hope you all know that Pansy Division is the future of rock 'n' roll.'

    For Armstrong, who grew up with band member Dirnt in a suburb of Berkeley called Rodeo, homosexuality is neither a new subject nor one he must defend himself against. 'I think I've always been bisexual,' Armstrong says simply. 'I mean, it's something that I've always been interested in. I think everybody kind of fantasizes about the same sex. I think people are born bisexual, and it's just that our parents and society kind of veer us off into this feeling of Oh, I can't. They say it's taboo. It's ingrained in our heads that it's bad, when it's not bad at all. It's a very beautiful thing.'

    When asked whether this beautiful thing is something he's ever actually acted on, the recently married (and about to become a father) Armstrong smiles. 'I think mostly it's been kept in my head,' he says. 'I've never really had a relationship with another man. But it is something that comes up as a struggle in me. It especially came up when I was about 16 or 17. In high school people think you have to be so macho. People get attacked just because someone insinuates something about their sexuality. I think that's gruesome.'

    Armstrong's struggle with his sexuality isn't something that has gone unnoticed by his fans. 'I've gotten letters because I wrote this song on Dookie called 'Coming Clean' about coming out,' he says with the same ease that Kurt Cobain used to show while talking about his song 'All Apologies' and the now-famous lyric from it: 'What else should I say/ Everyone is gay.'.........
  • Courtney from Altoona, Pai love green day and everything they do. and some people are trippin because he might be bi but i have a message for tou SO WHAT. it doesn't really matter he rocks and nothing [not even being gay] can change that. so all you haters leave him alone. he is too good for you anyway. See Ya Haters and Lovers. i love billie too even if he is bi. and another good thing is he is hott!
  • Jay from Holbrook, NyYou deny things that are blatent facts that billie stated himself...i see you guys saying things like, bisexual is the same as gay, which its not. Gay is when you only like the same gender, bi means both. It's in the dictionary if you would like to check.

    My favorite thing I have seen here is people saying in a panic that he cant be bi - he has a wife and a kid on the way. That just means he isn't gay, that doesnt mean he isnt bi. He definately is, and that's ok...thats like saying you cant still be straight if you have a wife, meanwhile straight men look at other women even if they are married. You also have to think of the music biz. Billie is in the punk rock scene, as many gay people I know in the punk scene because I'm a musician myself, it's still not accepted totally in the music industry. So Billie most likely met a girl and actually liked her, but I'm sure he would have liked a guy also - he just kept it inside because he has a career to worry about.

    I could tell you guys everyone I know in the music biz who is gay and bi but why should I? And argueing about sexuality to me is like argueing about eye color or someones favorite food - it's no different! So why do fans get so offended just because they made up a false fantasy of who they think these people are? Some people are gay, some are straight and some are bi. It's not gonna change because you dont like it. Focus on the music and stop worrying about who these people are sleeping with; chances are they dont care who you're sleeping with and stop defending them when they clearly have already told the whole world who they are.
  • Paul from Castalia, NcAt First when I read that Bille was bi I was kind of confused because I was always told that being bi or homosexual was wrong. However Now I understand that theirs nothing wrong with it ,and I think it is great that he would have enough confidence to admit it. Alos Veronica is right he's the same person he has always been. Im no longer in denial about his sexuallity. I will continue to supporte him and Green Day. Because no matter what you think on the subject Bille Joe has a lot of courage and Confiddance to say what he said and I can respect that.
  • Lindsey from Ithaca, Nycoming Clean is about realizing he's bisexual, hence the lyrics "strung out on confusion" is about him coming to terms with his bisexuality. It's about him growing up confused but finally realizing what he's feeling and "coming clean".
  • Tanya from London, EnglandHe was definity confused when he wrote it, hence the lyrics "strung out on confusion". I dont know if hes bi now. Who really cares to be honest??!! hes just the same person (and hot :-p) whether hes straight, bi or gay
  • Lindsey from Ithaca, Ny I think it's hilarious how people say "I don't think he's bisexual, I think he's confused" or "i guess he likes alot of men like friends", when HE has said HIMSELF that he is attracted to men. I'm sure if anyone would know, it would be him, and not you. It looks like some of you fans are in denial, when he has already said that he is bisexual and your still denying it. Just because he happened to find a woman he loves instead of a man, and has formed a long and loving relationship with her, doesn't mean he has "turned straight". He just never found a man who was right for him. He is just in a relationship with a woman instead of a man. And for those who thinks he has "turned straight". I have seen millions of pictures from the American Idiot era where he is making out with guys(and apparently he says his wife is okay with it), and I have been to millions of concerts, all of which he has pulled up guys on stage, had them play guitar, and started making out with them. I have actually took numerous pictures of him at concerts with my camera phone. Sorry for the long post, but Billie IS bisexual.
  • Ryan Tyler from Tipton, OkGreen Day rocks! Theyre the best band to ever hit the punk rock scene. Rock on BJ!!!
  • Elvira from Moscow, EuropeHello guys. You're talking 'bout Billy's sexuality but i see you didn't read the whole interview, here's the quotation "When asked whether it is something he's ever actually acted on, the recently married (and about to become a father) Armstrong smiles. 'I think mostly it's been kept in my head,' he says. 'I've never really had a relationship with another man. But it is something that comes up as a struggle in me. It especially came up when I was about 16 or 17. In high school people think you have to be so macho. People get attacked just because someone insinuates something about their sexuality. I think that's gruesome.'" now you see what exactly he meant:)
  • Veronica from Buffalo, NyI think that Billie Joe is a very confident person, or atleast he seems to be. And strong for telling the world about his sexuality. I myself am bisexual, and i could never even come out to my parents let alone the world. Think about it this way, he's the same person he was before you found out about him being bisexual.
  • Erika from Gothenburg, SwedenI love this song.. its relly good !! And i dont care if he is bi.. he is relly hot anway ;)
  • Marek from Colling Wood, Canadai love green day they are the best band ever. billie joe is the best and i admire him. he is a very good guitar player. i also like mike and tre. Rock On guys.
  • Samantha from Johannesburg, South AfricaI really Love the song, and I think Billy Joe seems like a really great person. So it really doesn't matter if he's BI, because he's no different from any one else. Plus, he's really really HOTT!!!
  • Addy from Stockton, CaOk this is what i think about people who are bi. Should it really matter if you are a guy or a girl doesn't just come down to who has longer hair!!! If you like your sme sex it shouldn't really matter because if you think they are sweet and your type, your sex shouldn't stand in the way. The reason Billie tells everyone that he is gay (and he is)is because he is a strong person and dosen't care what other people think because he only cares what he thinks about himself. Billie joe is one of the strongest people i know to edmitt that they are bi. I just look at it as billie joe can love evreyone and there shouldn't be a problem w/ that!!!LaTEr skAtER>>><
  • Emily from Liverpool, EnglandHot? He's down right sexy, i adore him no matter what
  • Elysia from Hamilton, New ZealandRegardless of his sexuality at least he still likes girls to some extent, more chance for the chickies...cos man he grew sexy with the coming of American Idiot! That black hair and eyeliner is a turn on.. He's always had a sexy voice, but now he has the looks to go with it. Would do him in a second =)
    Oh yeah good music too, of course. xx
  • Mrs. Armstrong from Wellington, New ZealandI think if Billie Joe is still bi he shouldn't be married but whatever it's not like I can change it and if he's bi still who cares he at least loves his wife.
  • Emily from Liverpool, EnglandWhen he done that interview he was already married to Adrienne so he hasn't just 'turned straight' as someone put it. He should be admired for his strength and in no way is the subject to sissy for a punk/rock star. Look at pansy division for god's sake
  • Tanya from Luton (it's A Town Not A City), EnglandTo Dookie, Pittsburgh, PA I think the comment you made was pretty wrong. What do you mean 'i dont care if he is bi or not, i mean, its not exactly gay.' Whats wrong with being gay for gods sake?
    I think Billie is an amazing and talented person along with the rest of Green Day. It's great they're doing so well even after 16 years they are still together! and they are doing really well.

    Oh and Felicia, nineveh, IN. Did you mean homophobic? 'Cos homosexual means gay and if you meant that then that means you wish people would stop being so gay.
  • Daniela from Carteret, NjI dont care if billie joe is bisexual. If hes not he's not, or is - so what? I think Billie Joe is inspiring because he write such good lyrics He IS a true man and no one can change that unless he does it. Green day rocks! Billie Joe, Tre and Mike - You guys are so talented!
  • Dookie from Pittsburgh, PaIm billie joe's #1 fan, so i dont care if he is bi or not, i mean, its not exactly gay. And plus Adrean nesser is his wife and hes got two kids so he probably just went srait.
  • Rage from Dallas, TxWho cares if the man is bisexual, he's freaking hot! and talented to die.
  • Caitlin from Vancouver, CanadaWho cares if he is bi? He is married and has a kid. A ton of people are bi and it isn't anything to be ashamed of. But it's his life who cares how he lives it?
  • Kieran from D.c., VaBillie Joe is truly a very talented muscician and many talented muscicians were bi such as Cole Porter, Leonard Bernstien, David Bowie, and even Beethovan.
  • Maria from London, EnglandI don't care if Billie Joe is gay straight or bisexual- I love him for who he is. His lyrics are inspiring and, being his number one fan, i know that gay or not, his music still rocks and knocks all that busted and mcfly crap out of the charts! Long live Billie Joe Armstrong!!!
  • Mary from Philadelphia, PaYeah, he is bisexual. He has this, tradition kind of thing at every show where he picks a guy from the audience and gives him a kiss and a hug. But I don't really care if he's bi or straight or whatever, he's still awesome.
  • Nadia from Sydney, AustraliaLOOK, the comment bellow me is right. Billie is 100% bisexual. Are yous in denial, or something? Its not that big a deal. If someone says in an interveiw:" I think I've always been bisexual," I dont really think that they're saying "No, actually, im just saying this for the hell of it, u know, lieing for no reason". He's not wondering about it, he is. deal with it, ok?
  • Kelsie from Rodeo, CaHe is BI and That song is about him coming clean about it. And Besides its not that big of a deal he is still FINE
  • Zully from Anaheim, Cabillie is not bisexual and has never been with a man. he said so in the advocate in january 24, 1995 but he did say he has questioned about it. he had a uncle that was gay so he wondered. he wonders if he is gay straight or a bi. but he is not bisexual.
  • Reed from Hagerstown, Inive always just thought that this song was more than just coming out of the closet, it was more about just finally being honest and figuring out who you are as a person and accepting yourself for who you are. obviously, coming out of the closet would be an example of this, but i think it can go beyond that.
  • Courtney from Adelaide, AustraliaI really like this song. I found out after the concert that Billie Joe was bi-sexual. I remember thinking it was so cute when he kissed a guy and hugged him at the concert as I love guys who aren't afraid to do that stuff. I love all gay and bi-sexual people and I think its so good that Billie Joe would come out and write a song about his sexuality. BILLIE JOE ROCKS!!
  • Megan from Portsmouth, EnglandI really like this song, everyone thinks it's about coming clean about drugs but i don't think that would make sense. They think that this song about homosexuals is too sissy for punk/rock star. But i do really love this song, shows he is not afraid of anything.
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