¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)

Album: 21st Century Breakdown (2009)
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  • Green Day vocalist and chief songwriter Billie Joe Armstrong explained to Q magazine May 2009: "It's about a woman with a heavy drug problem." Her added that the song "is about a person who has a vision, but this is a person who's distorting that vision with drugs and self destruction."
  • The politically active Gloria is one of two reoccurring characters who feature on 21st Century Breakdown, (the other being the nihilistic Christian). Armstrong explained to The Sunday Times April 26, 2009 that Gloria, "wants the whole carry-the-torch thing, whereas Christian wants to burn the whole place down."
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Comments: 5

  • Ben from LondonTwo things: oh my god, green day managed to outdo themselves. Jeez, such a satisfying song. Haven't listened to it for months, this song is amazing.
    Second thing: why are there two Viva la Glorias on ONE ALBUM?!
  • Jay Porje from IndiaGreen Day is the best!!!
  • Stacey from Glasgow, United Kingdomi like this song, i love Billie joe and i love green day
  • Hope from Oblivion, Tnone of my fave songs from this CD. its awsome, and i think in one way or another, it desribes us all :)
  • Sarawoll from Burlington, NjIt's 5-15-2009 & 21st century breakdown was realeased today & I just got tickets to see them at the wachovia center on july 21st!

    I love this song i listened to it like 13 times already.
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