Get Over It

Album: Red (2008)
Charted: 20
  • Guitarist Magaro explained on the band's mailing list why they selected this as the band's first single: "We went through phases where we all liked different songs as the potential first single, and we definitely wanted something that was upbeat. We thought of 'Get Over It' a few times but we never really had the right mix of it. Then at the last moment, just as we were finishing the album, it all dropped into place and started sounding really good. Then we all got really excited about it as the single."
  • In the same interview Magaro explained the band's video: "Well, we've got a few scenes of Fyfe (singer Fyfe Dangerfield) and Arista (bassist Aristazabel Hawkes) in this really old looking car. It's quite interesting really - we're approaching it in an old school way, with back projection and stuff, instead of trying to make it look real. There's elements in the video that refer to the song - like you have some photos of Fyfe as a kid. There's also girls dressed up as cats, which is a kind of fantasy - it represents temptation, I would say."
  • Singer Fyfe Dangerfield in the Daily Mail February 29, 2008: "We called the album Red after going through a lot of different titles, most of which were terrible. With an album title, you have to imagine it being read out by a cheesy TV announcer: 'if you only buy one album this year make sure it is Red by the Guillemots.' That sounds OK to me."
  • The album was recorded in a disused synagogue in East London. Dangerfield told the Daily Mirror March 14, 2008: "It's got a really lovely big room. Interestingly, it had been an art gallery after it was a synagogue - though it was a bit impractical for rehearsals. Doing this album was a long process - partly as a result of that. There was a lot of stuff, like plaster coming off the walls and ceiling, but I think it ended up affecting the way the record sounds in a positive way."
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