Paradise City

Album: Appetite For Destruction (1987)
Charted: 6 5


  • Much like "Welcome To The Jungle," this was inspired by Los Angeles, where the band was living. The verses deal with the rough life on the streets, but the chorus was based on Axl Rose's memories of the Midwest, with images of green grass, innocence and possibility.
  • Slash wanted the chorus to be: "Take me down to the Paradise City where the girls are fat and they got big t--ties." He hated the "Grass Is Green" line, but the band overruled him to make the song more radio-friendly. >>
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    Andy - Arlington, VA
  • This is the only track on Appetite For Destruction with a prominent synthesizer. It was Axl Rose's idea.
  • This was the first song that the original Guns N' Roses lineup of Slash, Steven Adler, Duff McKagan, Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin wrote together - all five members are credited as writers. According to McKagan, they started working on it during one of their first rehearsals, and it started with some lyrics he brought from a notebook.
  • On 93.1 WIBC FM, a radio station in Indianapolis, Indiana, Jake Query, who is a friend of Axl Rose, explained that the part of the song where they sing, "Where the grass is green, and the girls are pretty" is about when Axl Rose and his family would go down to Bloomington, Indiana. >>
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    Andrew - Indianapolis, IN
  • The city in which the Xbox 360 game Burnout: Paradise takes place was named after this song, and "Paradise City" is considered the game's theme song. >>
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    Jake - Albuquerque, NM

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  • Joao Dapaixao from Paradise City (from Burnout Paradise)Here in actual Paradise City we say: “Take them down in Burnout Paradise City where the stunts are green and the cars aren’t pretty”
  • Zachary Prine from Spokane Wa"Paradise City" is about Seattle!! They went up from LA to play their first road gig and did it in Seattle due to Duff knowing the scene as he is from there. read some books people!!!
  • Camila from The JungleI think Axl is adorable.
  • Rae from MichiganHere in Michigan we sing it as "take me down to Detroit city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty" instead of paradise city
  • Joshua from Union City, TenneseeTake me down to the Poultry City where the grass has bugs and the peacocks are pretty take me home I am just a chick livin in a nest I am a charity case that is tough to beat so give me insects to eat take it to the end of line Chicks to hens and roosters so they say you have to keep pushin for the height and growth its all a gooble when its just a guniea hen every chick is goin for its prime......(my poetic revision of Paradise city I call Poultry City)
  • Bo from Cottonwood CaI first heard this song when I was 12 in my uncle's 67 Galaxy 500 I loved it ever since, im 29 now and have turned my little causin on to it....
  • Tracy from AzThe "Paradise City" he is referring to is heaven not any particular city in the US. At least that is what William told me when we met at a state fair right prior to Guns N Roses being officially formed. They were working on this song. He sang two bars of this song to me at the fair.
  • Eryn Vail from IndianaThe song refers to Axl's past growing up on the streets, again, in Lafayette, Indiana :)
  • Eryn Vail from IndianaThis song isn't about Bloomington, IN. Its about Lafayette, Indiana where 2 band members, Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin, were born and raised.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn January 8th 1989, "Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #85; and eight weeks later on March 5th, 1989 it peaked at #5 for two weeks...
    It reached #1 in Ireland, #2 in New Zealand and #3 in Sweden...
    Was track six from the Los Angeles-based group's debut studio album, "Appetite for Destruction", and on September 18th, 1988 it peaked at #1 {for 4 non-consecutive weeks} on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart...
    Two other tracks from the album also made the Top 10; "Welcome to the Jungle" {#7 for 2 weeks} and "Sweet Child O' Mine" {#1 for 2 weeks}.
  • Jay from West Conshohocken, Pa Paradise city is were ever you find it to be. Take's you out of bad place and put's you in a zealous
    mind frame. Able to conquer and gain victory in anything you do.
  • Tyler from Hoffman Estates, IlI am from the midwest, and not even knowing that he wrote about here I loved it. LOL go figure!

    Tyler, 14
  • Jennifer Harris from Grand Blanc, MiThis is my favorite Guns and Roses song,When I was in middle school,Jennifer Williams,Bridget Davis and Ron Osbourn did this for lip sync,and at the end,Ron jumped off the stage,and everybody was screaming.
  • Roman from Silverton, OrBest part is
    rags to riches or so they say you gotta-keep fighting for the fortune and fame its all a gamble when its just a game you treat like a capital criiiiiiime everybodys doing their tiiiiiiime take it to they end of the line!
  • Julie from Beaverton, AlThis is one of my all time FAVORITE songs. I also love their version of "Live and Let Die". I have always found Slash to be so sexy. I seen him on a late nite show, he talked about his book and he is not only talented, he is very intelligent. Say what you want about Axl, but myself, I think he is an arrogant asshole. Seen them in concert back in the early 90's, stood in line for hours in the hot sun waiting for the gates to open, then about 5 or so songs into the show, Axl gets pissed over something and that was the end of the show.
  • Scott from Jacksonvill, FlThis Is one of the Songs Used most often on Casual Fridays and going on vaction.
  • Lorelei from Ellsworth, MeSlash is my favorite :]
  • Youngblood from Caldwell , Idthats badd
  • Youngblood from Caldwell , Idthats bad way t renew a song
    Slash That Jackass
  • Youngblood from Caldwell , IdTake me down to the Paradise City where the girls are fat and they got big t--ties Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Andrew from Bartlett, Tnthis is, by far, my favorite song of all time! Something about it I like.
  • Becky from Waukesha, WiThis song is great, Axl has such great range with his voice, i give any man who can sing like him mega props!
  • Peter from Nyc, NyHey, to the Australian: That's Axl singing all of those parts. Is voice is overdubbed four or five times. He has an amazing range. To the guy from Miami: This song is about L.A. You think the women are good looking in Miami? Have you ever been to L.A.? LOL
  • Joni from New York, NySlash came up with both lines, but the band voted for "grass is green" to make it more accesible
  • Jason from State Of Fitz, NjJay from PA: how about you don't steal quotes from Mick Wall's " most dangerous Band" not once but twice, dude thta is weak
  • Jay from West Conshohocken, Pabest crafted anthem to all American stagecoach
    sensibility, in rock n' roll. Theatrical as the
    stars and stripes themselves.
  • Big And Tall from Yeehaw Junction, FlThe song's about Miami. It has green grass, both lawn and pharmaceutical types. It has pretty girls. Lots of celebrities hang out in Miami. "Welcome to the jungle" is about Miami too.
  • Jay from West Conshohocken, PaFull of idealism for an age that probably only ever excisted in newspapers, and bad movies it closed out side one on Appetite for Destruction was also the best - crafed anthem to all American stagecoach sensibility for rock 'n' roll .
  • Danny from Winsted, Ctthis song is about living as a bum.......thats all
  • Echo from Normalville, MaNorthampton MA is nicknamed Paradise city. wonder if this had anything to do with it...probably not
  • Arley from Sharon, WiThis song is about one city only, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Look it up. GNR ROCKS!
  • Steve from Torrance, CaCovered by Pat Boone on his 1997 album, "In a Metal Mood".
  • Mara from Coruscant, EnglandI LOVE THIS SONG! No matter what mood I'm in, this song makes me happy. I nver cease to wonder how the hell Slash did that solo, or how people call Steve Adler a lousy drummer. This song's definetly one of GNR's best efforts.
    : )
  • Kshitij from Leeds, EnglandKiller song. The song starts with fast beautiful aarpegio, cool riff on the 12th fret and then blasts into the sun with all the band in. Its slash's one of the favourite numbers. GnR used to finish the concert with this one. Now a days they paly it bit fast(Which i dont like).A cool song by the coolest band in the world ...ROCKS!
  • Dan from New York, NyIts not about Louisville. Axl has never given a straight answer as to where the "Paradise City" is. The song is designed to contrast LA to the midwest he came from.
    They play it as an encore almost every show, and Axl usually ends yelling the name of wherever he is, as if to say that the city he's in now is the paradise city. I think Axl's real paradise is anywhere he gets on that stage.
  • Kelly from Louisville, Kythis great song is about louisville, kentucky... only tha greatest city on this damn planet. Axl was a sensible guy, apparently. I named my dog after him.
  • Will from Redlands, CaAgreed with Jazzz. Pop music sucks a**. I went throught the pop thing too and could never go back to that after listening to Hendrix, Zeppelin, GNR, Clapton, Metallica
  • Haggai from Hobart, Australiahave you ever listened really closely to when the vocals come in in the beginning? axl is the main voice, but underneath you can hear duff and izzy singing really really low. then axl goes up and duff starts singing where axl was, while izzy stays singin' the low notes.
  • Darren from Bombay, Indiame being a giutar player enjoy playing the riff for paradise city...AXL does a great job on vocals and very hard to replicate....the 2 minute ending is on of slash's fastest guitar solos.... great great song!!!
  • Alan from Milwaukee, WiI love the Video version of this great song, with Axl singin' his ass-off in front of various live concert crowds
  • Spencer from Mcbride, CanadaGreat song "the sergeon says that its hazerdous to breath....Id have another cigarette but i cant see."
  • Jazzz from FrankfurtIt´s the first heavy metal song that I didn´t think was crap. I was only fourteen and only liked pop music at that time. I couldn´t understand people voluntarily listen to Nirvana or Pearl Jam. Then my friend Sonja let me listen to this song- I was electrified. This was like a revelation- the guitar, the rhythm, Axl´s singing... nowadays I hardly hear any pop music at all. May rock live forever! :=)
  • Nash from Carmarthen, WalesGreatest song ever. Bar none.
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