Piece of My Love
by Guy

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  • Ever since this song came out, there has been a debate whether of not lead singer Aaron Hall said "Dumb Bitch" subliminally at the end of this song. Not only does it sounds like it when you listen closely, but what woman would deal with a man who would sing such a song to her? Well Teddy Riley of Guy said that it was false. According to Riley, Aaron Hall was notorious for his "Dum Dum-diddy" ad-libs in their songs, and he was in the middle of a "Dum Dum-diddy" when they were singing the part of the chorus "It's waiting for you," causing it to sound like: "You can have a piece of my love... Dumb bitch, waiting 4 you" instead of "You can have a piece of my love... it's waiting for you." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Nikki - Chicago, IL
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