Yesterday's Gone

Album: Father Time (2008)


  • As given in his Songfacts interview, this song is about Hal Ketchum's grandfather, who had just recently passed away. Explaining the line, "Where's the angels sent down to protect him?" Ketchum explains: "I just set up the next line, too. 'Where are the angels sent down to protect him? Am I all that's left of his life?' It's kind of a protective statement, if you think about it, because I'm sure there were angels protecting him the whole way. But it sets up the singular for the other character. 'Am I all that's left of his life?' Sort of a why now, why him? Why, Lord, why? Self pity. It's a self pity line. And it's total bull. We're surrounded by angels."
  • Hal Ketchum, who died in 2020 at 67, was a lot more than a country music artist - he was also an author of numerous short stories such as The Clock Struck Nine, included in the anthology A Guitar and a Pen; an actor, appearing in the 1988 film Heartbreak Hotel and the 1994 film Maverick, and a painter whose artwork has been featured in the Pena Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. All this while battling multiple sclerosis and acute transverse myelitis, which left him without the use of the left side of his body.


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