Album: Into the Wild Life (2015)
  • The music clip for this stomping call to arms finds all four Halestorm members in alternate universe jobs with each struggling to get through the day. "This video was so much fun to make!" Lzzy Hale enthused to Rolling Stone. "This song, 'Amen,' is about taking ownership of everything you are. So we asked ourselves, 'If there were a Church of Halestorm, what would it be like?' We include a nod to the rock & roll church we recorded our latest album in, and you see us truly leaving everyday life behind and stepping 'into the wild life.'"
  • Halestorm converted a Nashville church into a studio for the recording sessions of Into the Wild Life. Despite the song's religious title, it was written before they knew they were going to be recording in an ecclesiastical building. Guitarist Joe Hottinger explained to TeamRock: "It's a song about ownership. And if you're going to write an album about doing whatever the f--k you want, you better own it and stand tall. 'My life, my love, my sex, my drug', you know. Whatever gets you off. 'Can I get an Amen?' It's preaching, man. Whatever you are, just do it."

    "There's nothing for or against religion in this music," he added. "Amen is just about the religion of one's self. You're your own God. Respect yourself in that way. That's about as deep as it goes. But recording a song called Amen in a church was obviously great. I mean, what more could you ask for?"
  • Lzzy Hale (from Kerrang!): "This chorus came from a tweet I did of a picture of my guitar and the lines, 'This is my life, my love, my sex, my drug, my lust.' A friend of mine showed it to me one day and said, 'You have to write this song!'"


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