If We Were A Movie

Album: Hannah Montana Soundtrack (2006)
Charted: 47
  • This song is about a girl who likes a guy who is already in love with someone else. She compares the relationship to a movie and says how in the "movie" they will end up together. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Rose - St. Louis, MO
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  • Reagan from Panama City, FlI would be a good vampire and the end I'd be suking bad peoples blood and I'd be with my bff and together we would save the world and be sercet detitives and spys we'd be sent on a secert misson and when we got back we could live ia casle who's with me oh hannah if you check this website I just want to say I love you good night everybody literly
  • Chris from Crest Hill, IlIf we were a movie
    You'd be the "Good guy"
    And I'd be the Villain
    That you'd be destroyed by
    In the end
    I'd be laughin'
    Watchin' the sun die
    Fade away
    Show the gore
    Hear the people scream...

  • Jackie from Chicago, Caif hannah montana were a movie it would be adult rated! [If you know what I mean]
  • Beverly from Tarboro, NcIf we were a movie I would be a singer/superhero saving the world and stopping bad guys like superman.
  • Skyttles from Poolpartytopia, Czech RepublicIf we I were a movie...I'd be the vampire...and you'd be the victim..that I suck the blood of in the end....
  • Tim from Hell, Mithis song talks about how superman comes back and slaughters the world
  • Hilary from Toronto, Ontario, CanadaIf we were a movie ,
    You'd be the right guy
    And i'd be the best friend
    Who you'd fall in love with
    In the end we'd be laughing, waching the sun set
    Fade to dark
    Sing this Happy song again...

    I wish i were a movie
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