Magic Man

Album: Dreamboat Annie (1975)
Charted: 9
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  • The "Magic Man" is Mike Fisher, the group's original guitarist. He was Ann Wilson's boyfriend, and she followed him to Canada during the Vietnam War years so he wouldn't get drafted. In 1974, Nancy Wilson (Ann's sister) joined the band and Fisher became their manager and sound engineer. The song is about being madly in love to the point where you are not thinking clearly.
  • The line, "Come on home girl..." relates to Ann Wilson's mother. The line, "Try to understand, Mama, he's a magic man" is Ann's response. Wilson says that her mother helped keep her grounded when she was being rather irrational and acting under the spell of her "magic man."
  • According to Ann and Nancy Wilson's autobiography Kicking and Dreaming, this hit climbed the charts thanks to a radio publicist who offered DJs drugs and prostitutes in return for airplay. "When we were out of the way he'd pass the DJ a gram of cocaine," recalled Nancy, "or the number of a hooker and say, 'She's yours, on Heart.'"
  • Heart built their following in Canada, where they were waiting out the Vietnam War. When their debut album, Dreamboat Annie, was released there in 1975, some radio stations picked up the song as the band toured the country. When they returned to America in 1976, they had to start the promotional cycle again, but it worked: "Crazy On You" got airplay around the country and generated a buzz for the band. When "Magic Man" was released, more radio stations were familiar with Heart and added it to their playlists, helping send the song to #9 and push Dreamboat Annie Platinum. They were off and running in a career that landed them in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013.

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  • Violet Mora from Rockford Illinois “Magic Man” should be played only one way and that is blasting on the stereo
  • Boomer from Chicago"The first albums...had this comment in tiny letters on the reverse of the cover...: 'Proceeds of this album dedicated to the Charles Manson defense fund."

    There must be something too this. At the time "Dreamboat Annie" came out I walked by a local record store and saw the album taped in the window, with a handwritten sign beside it. It said they were boycotting Heart, not selling the album, because Heart supported Charles Manson.

    I remember this very, very clearly. It was in Des Moines, Iowa, near the Drake University campus. It was a hippie record store called "Peeples Music."

    I came online because I was curious about that memory, after studying "Heart" a bit recently for the first time. I was wondering "Why did that record store so long ago think Heart was associated with Charles Manson?" I wonder if anybody has a copy of the album cover bearing that notice.
  • Anonymous@Melinda I guess it's true about guys being a--holes in Australia
  • Kate from MaineOne of my all time favorite songs, reminiscent of my first love and we were under a spell and all peace, love and each other, but of course parents rarely understand. This song perfectly describes it all. I wish real music like this was still being produced. Heart was magic.
  • Shawn from St. LouisThe “idea” of a “magic man” comes from when a young woman finds the one guy who she doesn’t realize has set her standard of how she wants to be loved. She is lured away by false promise and dreams of grander, only to chase that feeling, forever lost but forever in her memory...
  • Magic Man Lover from Minnesota Usa This song to me represents the hippie era. That’s when love was a good enough reason to leave home. Teen girls were targeted the most with the follow love away from home. The way I see it anyway.
  • Jason from ArizonaKramo, this is a sophisticated hard-rock song dealing with growing up, sex and drugs and potentially harmful emotions and choices. Its construction is unconventional and the guitar work is freaky (the leads almost sound backwards). It's certainly not insignificant pop, not "bubble gum."
  • Melinda from AustraliaBest song ever written about what it’s like to be young. And under the spell of a guy. Who you will sacrifice all your goals for. And maybe your sanity and personal safety for.
    I’d love to say that can only happen to women when they are young. But nope. Some guys at any age can transfix women. With their looks and great times in the bedroom.
    How many girls ran away from home to be with a guy. I knew a girl in High school who did that at 17.
    She literally used to climb out her bedroom at night window to meet him. Her father was a single parent doctor. And she ended marrying this guy to get outa home.
    No, when you are older and wiser. Through unpleasant experiences. No men can turn into the ‘magic man’ for you.
    In my opinion, Diamonds are a girls best friend, an independent income, and your OWN roof over your head. Is far more appealing than the undependable love of a ‘Magic Man’. Who will usually dump you for someone else if any fights start.
    Chicks, my advice create your own magic. And buy yourself flowers.
  • Everyonetakeitez from SomewhereHappy New Year Everyone :-) Love this Female lead band and only found out about them through my Mom. Uuuummmmmm ..... amazing. Thank you Heart. "Who Rules the World??? Girls!! Oh yeah Kramo...?? that's your show up name?? If this is teeny bopper music your must be 100 and old jealous fading wanna be, and hateful of the female counterpart. I feel bad for you. Clearly you wanted to be a musician and it didn't work out... AWWEEE! It's working for me. I'm 25 learned everything from Heart.
  • Rob from Wilmington, NcTina, it would have been a rather difficult feat for Ann to have been in the Manson family since she was living in Seattle at the time. Manson was active in California from 1966 to 1969 when the LaBianca-Tate murders took place. Ann didn't graduate from high school until 1968 and was still in Seattle through 1972 playing with the bands Hocus Pocus and White Heart (which through their various incarnations included members that would eventually become Heart).
  • Kramo from Toronto, CanadaBubble gum music for teeny boppers. Adults shouldn't be taking this music seriously.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn July 11th 1976, "Magic Man" by Heart entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #85, and on October 31st, 1976 it peaked at #9 (for 1 week) and spent almost a half-year on Top 100 (23 weeks)...
    It reached #6 on the Australian ARIA Top Singles chart...
    Between 1976 and 1993 the band had thirty Top 100 records; eight made the Top 10 with two reaching #1, "These Dream" for 1 week in 1986 and "Alone" for 3 weeks in 1987...
    They just missed having a third #1 when "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You" peaked at #2 (for 2 weeks) in 1990 (the 2 weeks it was at #2, the #1 record for both those weeks was "Vogue" by Madonna).
  • Jorge from Bronx, NyOhhh Yeah Heart I'd loved,because of the Wilson sisters,and they rocked,,,,Magik Man,is my second best song,Barracuda,was their Greatest!
  • Camille from Toronto, OhWhen this song and the album came out, it felt like these girls had lived my own life and wrote songs about it. I was 17 and could SO relate to their music. The Wilsons r.o.c.k.e.d. it OUT! And in a very feminine way.....I think that was part of their appeal and why so many girls/women loved the music they made. I had my own "magic man" at the time the song was popular which is one reason why I was so crazy about this group and their song. They put into words exactly what I was experiencing and for me, that was amazing.
  • Panchita from Newport Beach, Ca5/6/2011, Just heard a discussion about this song on Mark & Brian (95.5 KLOS, Los Angeles) and they were commenting how Heart dispelled the Charles Manson rumor long ago and said the song was actually about the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson.
  • Tina from Miami, FlHi all... I actually heard a different story. That Ann was part of the Charlie Manson group. Nancy actually saved her from the Magic Man.
  • Mark from Grand Rapids, MiI would guess in order to figure out what "Played inside the months of moon" means you have to look at the prior line, "Winter nights we sang in tune". Vancouver winters are dark and wet. Perhaps she was describing the winter months and the lack of daylight as the "months of moon". So, if that's true, "Played inside the months of moon" means she was either playing "house" with her lover or playing music in the clubs and bars.
  • Don from B G, Ky"Played inside the months of moon." What does that lyric mean in this song?
  • Rob from Duluth, GaI read an interview with Roger Fisher where he said that the gradually increasing distorion of his guitar throughout the song which becomes especially apparent toward the end was not intentional, but that he had blown one of the speakers in his Music Man amp and it was crapping out on him. I love interesting little tidbits like that.
  • Marla from Clarkston, Gasome friends and i were rocking out to heart and one of them says to me that magic man is about manson. i just shook my head like i did not believe her. she was sort of a jesus freak which means she believes what the bible says too. so.....
  • David from Lakeland, Flcharles manson is a pretty intersting character, hes not all there but not as whacked out as religous fanatics. nothing to do with the song though.
  • Jill from Phillipsburg, NjThere absolutely were NEVER "letters" on Heart albums supporting Charles Manson. Get your facts straight...I have all the original albums. Those who continue this rumour probably believe Ann and Nancy were lesbian sisters, and still believe in the tooth fairy. Anyone who has followed Heart intensly, knows the theme of their sound...mission if you will...was always about love.
  • Dave from Medina, OhThe first albums released by heart had this comment in tiny letters on the reverse of the cover in a lower corner: 'Proceeds of this album dedicated to the Charles Manson defense fund." If you still think magic man is about Mike, think again.
  • Kevin from Knoxville, TnHow hot were they singing this song back in the day....I mean they were SMOKIN'!!!
  • Tom from Hershey, PaI also heard the Manson rumor a while back. Great to hear it was only a rumor! What a wacked out scumbag who needs NO additional attention.
  • Shanny from Edinburg, TxMother of Ann and Nancy, Lou Wilson was once asked during an interview if she had actually said to Ann as the lyrics read:
    "Come on home girl", mama cried on the phone. "Too soon to lose my baby yet my girl should be at home".
    Lou chuckled and said, "No."
  • Kate from Marietta, GaFor all you women and girls out there, I once had a magic man in my life, and he was SOOO worth it! No, we didn't end up staying together, but the time we DID spend together was pure magic! This guy made me feel like I was floating on air. I have always thought of this song when I remember him, because all the words of the song seem to describe our relationship. We were in our early twenties when we were together. I came across this man through the internet 25 years later. We talked and I visited with him, but we are definitely just friends now. A lot of things like divorce, health issues, etc. can change a person over that length of time, but it was great just talking to him and seeing him, and talking about the old times. But, my wish to all you females out there is that you have at least one man in your life, at some point, who you can call your "magic man." Believe me, you'll know him when you find him.
  • Dale from Santa Fe, Nmerm, the lines: He's a magic man" oh yeah
    Oh, he's got magic hands
  • Dale from Santa Fe, NmBill, the "lengthy instrumental" follows the lines: <Oh, he's got magic hands>>
  • David from Deerfield Beach, FlPosted 12/5/2007. I've been enjoying Heart's music ever since they debuted with "Dreamboat Annie" here in 1976, but I never heard this album in it's entirety til I picked up the CD cheap at Eckerd Drugs one day in 2004 for like $3.99. What a bargain, cuz this is actually a pretty good little album! Of course, "Magic Man" & "Crazy On You" are great rock classics. "Dreamboat Annie" is such a pretty song, and other songs like "Soul Of The Sea", "How Deep It Goes", & "Love Me Like Music - I'll Be Your Song" are good softer songs that have a cool mystical tone to them. Great to mellow out to with a candle & some incense on cool, crisp pre-dawn mornings in the dark. I got to see Heart 4 times in concert now (1998 - no Nancy then cuz pregnant, 2002, 2003, & 2004 - a cloudburst of rain, thunder & lightning happened near the end of this 2004 show, actually a lot of fun - it was wild rocking in the rain).
  • Gary from Seattle, WaI have had Ann and Nancy on the show many times. Trust me, they would NEVER send anything to Charles Manson ever.
    Be safe,

  • John from Kirkland, WaAnn Wilson once stated in a concert in Seattle that this was the most requested Heart song
  • Rob from Vancouver, CanadaBefore Mike Fisher became the groups manager, he also played guitar and it WAS Ann Wilson that he dated. Nancy dated Roger Fisher.
  • Bill from Southeastern Part Of, FlI never heard the so-called full version on the radio with the lengthy instrumental. Are you sure you aren't referring to the Heart song Crazy On You? Also, I heard a rumor awhile back that Nancy and Ann Wilson were sending part of the profits from their music to Charles Manson in prison.
  • Howard from St. Louis Park, MnNowadays, radio stations play the full version, including the lenghty instrumental.
  • Yuya from Kyoto, JapanThis song is cut down to 3:30 for radio length: only the 1st and 2nd verses and bridge are heard.
  • April from Shelby, OhWhen I was in high school back in the 70's there was a rumor that this song was about Charles Manson. Of course being a Heart fan I thought that was wacked but the rumor stuck for a long time. Ann even talked about it in a radio interview back then and said no way and laughed at how people see some songs.
  • Nicole from Seattle, WaDebbie is right, Mike never played guitar, Rog, his brother, was the original guitarist. Other than that, everything is perfectly true.
  • Debbie from Hernando, MsRoger Fisher was Heart's original guitarist-not Michael Fisher.
  • Stephanie from Binghamton, Nyhey i love this website song facts is the bomb people you use you this website to get cool lyrics like magic man by heart well see ya gotta go to lab love ya guys you are the best
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