Guys My Age

Album: From the Outside (2016)
Charted: 68
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  • Los Angeles quintet Hey Violet have been kicking around since 2008, when they formed as the straight-ahead rock band Cherri Bomb. The five-piece released an album through Hollywood Records four years later, but soon after disbanded.

    Frontwoman Rena Lovelis formed Hey Violet out of the ashes of the defunct band with her drummer sister Nia, as well as keyboardist Miranda Miller, bassist Iain Shipp and lead guitarist Casey Moreta. The retooled group adopted a more synth-based contemporary sound.

    The quintet were the first act to be signed to Five Seconds of Summer's own label (Hi Or Hey Records via Capitol) and also accompanied the Aussie five-piece on the summer leg of their 2016 arena tour.
  • Hey Violet made their Hot 100 debut with this song in which Rena Lovelis decries romantic affiliations with guys her age.

    I haven't seen my ex since we broke up, probably 'cause he didn't wanna grow up
    Now I'm out and wearing something low-cut, 'bout to get attention from a grown up

    Lovelis needs someone more mature who knows how to treat her, touch her, need her, and keep her.
  • Rena Lovelis told Billboard magazine how they know the song's subject matter has hit close to home with their fane base.

    "We get tweets all the time from people who are like, 'I know exactly who I'm thinking about when I'm listening to this song,' or 'Hey Violet, you explained my relationship perfectly!'" she said with a laugh. "I think we've all been in those relationships. And it's not even just about guys -- girls can get selfish in relationships and not give a guy the attention he needs. It's basically just saying, 'Hold out for something better, because you should be made a priority.'"
  • The song's music video was directed by Sophia Ray (Abi Hudson's "Fragile Around You") and filmed at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California and at Cadillac Jack's and Pink Motel in Sun Valley, Los Angeles.
  • Rena Lovelis told Billboard magazine the story behind the song.

    "['Guys My Age'] came up because we were talking about past relationships and about how guys can just, bottom line, be super immature," she said. "And that goes for girls too."

    "I know it's called 'Guys My Age,' but I really think that the crux of the song is not necessarily about age, but also maturity level - because a guy can be a few years older, or in his 30s or 40s, and can still be incredibly immature or not know how to treat someone else like they're a priority," Lovelis continued. "So I definitely think the idea of the song is definitely more about maturity level rather than like, 'I need a 50-year-old in my life.'" [Laughs]
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