Better Than Me

Album: Extreme Behavior (2005)
Charted: 31


  • In this song, the singer talks about the girl he is in love with and the lies he told her. He wants her back, but he knows she deserves better than him. He regrets ending their relationship because he loves her but he does not want to ruin her life, and he wants her to know that. When we spoke with Hinder drummer Cody Hanson in 2012, he said that this was a very personal song, and was one of his favorites. Like most Hinder songs, the songwriting on this one was a group effort.
  • Rock Eyez asked guitarist Mark King what his favorite song off the album is. He replied: "It changes all the time… right now it's 'Better Than Me.' I like the lyrics and it's a good 'singable' tune. I dig it. I felt that way many times with girls, like they're better than me, so that song hits home."

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  • Amanda Buffenbarger from Van Wert Ohio Better than me has been one of the very songs that has helped me through some very hard times.
    In fact one of my exs when he broke up with me played this song and I cried my eyes out but in the end when a guy broke up with me I went back I to this song because it's as I'd they were saying you can do better than me. One ex in particular played lips of an angel when he saw me with someone else he played it everytime he saw me. Then one day I broke down and asked him why he way pla you playing it he said because of you I have stayed faithful but right now you are the one with the lips of an angel that can make me change that in an instant. So to the band Hinder I want to thank you for your songs they speak to me in ways you couldn't possibly know and I can't wait to see what else you come up. You are truly and amazing band. Thank you so much have a blessed day every day

    Your biggest fan
    Amanda Marie Buffenbarger
    P.s would be great to meet you but I know how that goes.
  • Winter Girl from Michigan I loved this song from the first moment I heard it but it's recently taken on new meaning. My ex husband was mentally, emotionally and on a few occasions borderline physically abusive. After many years of begging him to love me right and help me save our marriage I finally gave up and started to plan my exit. I then met someone who restored my faith in everything I had given up on, including myself.
    Recently my ex husband reached out to me and said that there was a song that reminded him of us that he kept listening to over and over. He sent me the video and it was Better Than Me by Hinder. I honestly never thought he cared. I always felt that I was nothing more than revenge towards his first wife. Even the $12,000 wedding rings he bought then later stole from me were nothing more than something to rub in her face. Life with him was Hell and I've moved on. His feelings came more than a little too late.
    I've recently remarried to the man who restored me and helped me heal past all my ex husband put me through.
    My husband now is who I truly believe I was meant to be with all along. I am grateful and love and cherish him and our life together.
  • Heavy D from Los Angeles Great song. Part of me can relate. My last relationship ended after several break ups and the last one was it.
    I blocked her number and she has not contacted me in months. Guess she don’t care that much.

    I miss certain things, part of me wants her back. But there’s no going back. We can’t go back to how things were before. Time marches on. She wants everything, she wants the full 9 yards, marriage , a future. But I couldn’t give it to her. So she deserves better than me. She deserves someone who will fully commit.

    I told her I wasn’t interested in that kind of future when we first got together and every six months when it would come up. But still we kept seeing each other. Probably to the relationship’s detriment.

    I was happy back then. But she was abused in her upbringing and in her marriage. And it was like being on a roller coaster. And unhealthy.

    We were fighting more than we were f--king, and I’m not gonna live like that.

    Good luck ese
  • Ashley from Simi Valley CaLove his voice. Very honest young man. I hope he healed from his ordeal.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlOmg...I LOVE this song! I love his voice in this song! He truely sounds vulnerable and you can hear the pain in his voice. Amazing...
  • Lily from Los Angeles, Cakelsi, wow. i'm so sorry..
  • Alma from Laredo, TxThis song is very biographical as I was in a relationship with a guy who thought I was too good for him. I certainly gave him the boot and did better than him. Revenge is sweet.
  • Ryan from Papillion, Nethis song ttly describes my last relationship. i regret ending it, i Love her
  • Brooke from Canby, OrThis is an amazing song and it helped me cope with the problems in a relationship I was in. This song is about a guy that realize...a little after the fact, that he really did love this girl, but he messed up and misses everything about her. He did stupid things that didn't seem to be bad at the time, but as he looks back, he realizes that those stupid things would never equate to his happiness with her and he believes that she did deserve better than him.
  • Karen from La Crosse , Withought the song and the lyrics were great until...'If there's one memory I don't want to lose. That time at the mall. You and me in the dressing room'. my vote for worst lyric ever.
  • Becky from Waukesha, WiThis song is about a guy who either broke up wtih his girlfriend or she broke up with him. He is madly in love with her, and wants her back. he misses the way she smells, the tast of her kiss, the good times and the fun they had together, but he knows she can do alot better then him. He knows that she deserves someone who will be honest and faithful to her. This song is such a great song and some people should really listen to it and maybe learn a thing or to from it
  • Kimberly from J-town, MeThis song is about people breaking up and and talking about like what they did when they were going out and yeah.... that's all I got.
  • Dan from Sydney, AustraliaHas anyone noticed that this song could be considered a prequel to Lips of an Angel?

    If you listen to the two songs back to back it's like they're about the same couple.

    In Better Than Me they split up and then Lips of an Angel could be some months later, where they are having second thoughts about separating.
  • Holly from Australia, AustraliaThis song to me is about a guy who has recently left the one his love not because he has stopped loving her but because he doesnt want to put her through anymore and thinks that its best for her if they arnt together.
  • Sammie from Boston, Mame and my bf broke up a coulpe weeks ago and he played this song so yeah I used to love his song but after hearing it like that I don't know
  • Kellyann from Bellefonte, Pai freakin love this song. Its so true in some cases. ha and yeah it does happen all the time.
  • Kelsi from I-town(ionia, Miomg...this song makes me think of my ex-boyfriend...when we broke up he said you can do better than me, and it was 3 months before the song even came out....
  • Ashley from York, PaThe video is about the man and woman who buy a house together and they're moving in. She's oblivious to the face that he's a meth head. when she was at the store, he does a little thinking he would clean it up before she was back. He was an idiot about it and did it completely the wrong way and overdosed. when she found him, he was overdosing and probably unaware of who it was. he freaked out and then died. i think the video matches the song very, very well.
  • Chelsea from Salem, IlVery awesome song. But, can someone please explain the video to me? Thanks.
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