Zero Results

Album: Future Breeds (2010)


  • Hot Hot Heat employed an experimental method of recording for their 2010 album, Future Breeds. For this song they integrated an improvised sax solo from a homeless busker. Singer Steve Bays explained to Spinner UK: "Paul (Hawley) wrote this awesome guitar riff [for 'Zero Results'], but we couldn't figure out how to make it work," he recounted. "Then one day we were listening to the riff on a loop and we heard this guy busking outside on his saxophone, and he just so happened to be playing in the same key as the song. It just sounded so perfect that we had to invite him to come play in the studio. We ended up smoking a ton of pot with this homeless guy and recorded him playing through four different microphones set up throughout the room. The next day I spent about eight hours cutting it up and treating it more like a collage than a solo. I think it's probably my favourite part on the record."


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