Hide and Seek

Album: Human's Lib (1984)
Charted: 12


  • Howard looks at the big picture in this song, where he goes back to the big bang and asks us to remember a time when there was "nothing at all, just a distant hum." The video features the finest in 1984 green screen technology, with Howard performing in front of various space scenes. The heavy synth went well with the celestial theme.
  • Howard Jones performed "Hide and Seek" at Live Aid in 1985 on Freddie Mercury's piano. In our interview with Jones, we asked if there was any magic to be found in Mercury's keyboard: "No. (laughs) No, it's what you bring out of it, isn't it?"

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  • Waseem Afzal from IslamabadBrilliant stuff (even if it is with synths).
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