Back In The Day

Album: Which One Am I? (2019)
  • Throughout his children's album, Which One Am I?, Howie D of the Backstreet Boys takes us on a journey through his childhood, where he discovered his love of entertaining despite being the shy kid. While he was writing the album with Tor Hyams, a children's music writer, and Broadway performer Lisa St. Lou, the team thought his story would make a great musical. Featuring a few songs from Which One Am I?, the 2020 musical Howie D: Back In The Day follows the young singer's efforts to put together a singing troupe called the Pot Luck Players.

    "What really started inspiring it was 'Back in the Day," Howie told Songfacts in 2019. "That one had the whole 'and coming to the stage, ladies and gentlemen...' and all of the theatrical-ness of that song. It kind of goes back into the story of when I was younger. I don't know if it was the first song or one or two of the first songs we wrote, but it definitely was like, This is really kind of an interesting idea here. And it little by little inspired more and more memories about things I was going through as a little kid. I wanted to get it out there for people to feel comfortable, to be able to say, 'Hey, I'm okay in my skin,' and to say whatever you go through, as long as you come through on the other side, there's nothing you can't accomplish. That's what I tell my kids, and they really inspired me to make this record. I wanted to show them that even daddy as a young kid went through a lot of the things that you are going through, and you just have to keep on pushing through it and you're gonna be okay."


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