Fool For A Pretty Face

Album: On To Victory (1980)
Charted: 52


  • This song was written by Steve Marriott and Jerry Shirley in New York over the course of one weekend, after being told by Aerosmith manager David Krebs that he would get them another record deal if they managed to come up with a hit single. Krebs liked it and Humble Pie were signed to Atco. >>
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    Fintan - Manchester, England

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  • Paul from Wilton, Ct'Fool For A Pretty Face' (Hurt By Love)
    Released in 1980

    The opening riffs followed the theme of 'Good Lovin Gone Bad' (Bad Company)

    In my opinion, it was the best 'studio single' ever released by Humble Pie.

  • Paul from Wilton, Ct'Fool For A Pretty Face' (Hurt By Love)

    This was a decent rock song, that sounded like it was a Bad Company song.

    Steve Marriot and Jerry Shirley (drummer) had worked on this song in late-1979 in preparation for Humble Pie's comeback
    after a 4-year hiatus.

    Though the beat of the song is very good, Steve's voice was not a crisp as it was back in his prime years (1969 thru 1974). He
    wailed and whined some through this song.

    The song was good enough to reach #52 on the U.S. Billboard Charts, and it did get some decent airplay in mid-1980.

    The song was released on the 'On To Victory' album, which reached #60 in 1980.

    A tough road for Humble Pie in 1980, as they were usually the warm-up act for the 3-Band billings. In 1980 and 1981, the band usually got only $2500 per
    gig at this time. A far cry for a British Rock Band that was one of the Top 10 'touring' Hard Rock Bands between 1970 and 1974.

  • C. from Norfolk, VaHere's the lyrics as I hear them:
    "Well you tell me you want me
    You say that you really care
    Don’t you tell me no lie, cause when you leave me, honey
    You gonna have a cross to bear
    Cause there’s two kinds of people that I just can’t stand
    That’s a lyin’ woman or a beggin’ man
    Ain’t nobody else gonna take my place
    Cause I’m just a fool for a pretty face

    I’ve been kicked, I’ve been hit
    But it didn’t hurt a little bit
    Kicked, hit, nose picked
    Really got my finger pricked
    I’ve been hurt by love
    Hurt by love
    I’ve been hurt by love
    I’m just a fool for a pretty face

    Well I don’t have no reason
    To think that you’re mine
    So why don’t you keep your big mouth shut
    Why don’t you let your love light shine
    I don’t wanna hurt you
    I ain’t on your case
    But you can bet a nickel to a worn-out dime
    I’m a fool for a pretty face


    To see you is oh so sweet
    but how about your aftertaste (heh)
    I’ve been hurt by love so many times before
    Cause I’m a fool for a pretty face

  • Badmofo from San Jose, Ca"I've been kicked, I've been hit
    but it didn't hurt a little bit
    kicked, hit, nose split
    really got my fingers bit
    I've been hurt by love
  • Rick from Houston, TxYes I believe the correct Chorus is..
    "I've been kicked, I've been hit
    But it didn't hurt a little bit
    Nit Picked, Nose Picked
    Really got my fingers pricked
    I've been hurt by love..."
    Alot of the lyrics posted on line are off..
  • Jenny from Phenix City, AlDoes someone know the lyrics to the chorus? I've been hit, I've been kicked but it didn't hurt a little bit. ?????????????????....... I've been hurt by love."
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