Natural Born Bugie

Album: Natural Born Bugie: The Immediate Anthology (1969)
Charted: 4
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  • In late 1968 Small Faces frontman Steve Marriott formed Humble Pie with Peter Frampton, who had been the vocalist and lead guitarist for pop band The Herd, along with ex Spooky Tooth bassist Greg Ridley and Jerry Shirley, who had been the drummer for the mod band Apostolic Intervention. Because they had previously played in high-profile groups many viewed Humble Pie as a "supergroup" and they were signed to Small Faces' label Immediate Records, which was headed by Andrew Loog Oldham. This was their debut single, which roared up the UK singles charts in the summer of 1969 becoming a #4 hit and was quickly followed by the album As Safe As Yesterday Is, which didn't include the song.
  • Shirley recalled to Mojo magazine February 2010: "'Natural Born Bogie' was written after we had completed the album. If we had been smart we would have put it on the album. It was the first song that Andrew Oldham heard that he said had single sensibilities. I remember Steve at a rehearsal saying, 'Here, I've got this, what do you think? I'm pretty sure he had the whole song. Funny thing was, we hardly ever played it live. We played it later when I was with Stevie in Packer of Three."
  • Despite their instant debut hit, Humble Pie never became a singles act - none of their other British 45s reached the charts. Hitting big in America, they were an album band that concentrated on the live experience. In the US their most successful single was "Hot 'n' Nasty," which peaked at #52.
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  • Paul from Wilton, Ct'Natural Born Bugie' (Natural Born Woman)

    Released in mid-August 1969.

    Rating on the UK Charts
    #23 ..... August 23 (Opening Chart position)
    #11 ...... August 30
    #10 ..... September 6
    #4 ...... September 13
    #5 ...... September 20
    #6 ..... September 27
    #11 .... October 4

    This Bluesy/Rock song had a mid-tempo beat, and featured all '3' guitarists chiming in.

    This song was 'not' part of the debut album 'As Safe As Yesterday', as the album was already in the 'can' before this song was recorded a few
    weeks later.

    The band regretted not getting this song on their 'debut' album, as it was Humble Pie's most recognized song in 1969.

    The song sounded like a 'James Gang' song, with catchy riffs and a consistent mid-tempo beat.

    While Humble Pie was being labeled as a future hard rock 'Supergroup', this song leaned more towards a slower beat 'Country Rock' tempo
    than a 'faster speed' British hard rock song.
  • Paul from Wilton, CtNatural Born Bugie (Natural Born Boogie)

    A good groove 'mid-tempo' Blues-Rock tune, that sounded like a 'James Gang' song.

    Released in July 1969 as a single, it reached #4 on the UK Charts. Surprisingly, it was 'not' included on their 1st Album 'As Safe As Yesterday'.

    Bassist (Greg Ridley) opens up with the vocals, followed by Peter Frampton, and then Steve Marriot.

    Most fans called this song 'Natural Born Woman'.

    With (17 year-old) Jerry Shirley on Drums and (19 year -old) Peter Frampton on Lead Guitar.

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