Black Widow

Album: The New Classic (2014)
Charted: 4 3
  • This song boasts a hook sung by Rita Ora, a British singer who is of Kosovo-Albanian descent. She's best known for her Hot 100 hit "How We Do (Party)," which also topped the charts in the UK.
  • The track was co-written by Katy Perry. "It has a little bit of a 'Dark Horse' vibe," Azalea commented to The Boombox. "The beat is a bit grimy… catchy, but it's very hip-hop-y. It's not a pop-driven record, and Rita really sings on it."
  • Azalea explained the song's meaning: "It's kind of about being so enamored with somebody that you're so obsessed with them that you just hate their guts and just want to kill them," she said. "To me they love it and then they crush it."
  • The black widow is a venomous spider. The way the female black widows lure males and mates them before eating them is a frequently used lyrical metaphor for a manipulative woman who metaphorically or literally kills her lover. Here are three more examples:

    "Werewolf Women of the SS" by Rob Zombie: "They are the black widows, baby. Off the streets of Berlin. Pure wolf is the mission. She-Devils of sin. They're in control now. Strasser you are."

    "Gold Dust Woman" by Fleetwood Mac: "Pale shadow of a woman. Black widow. Pale shadow. She's a dragon. Gold dust woman."

    "Black Widow" by Cage the Elephant: "Black widow girl you sit and wait. Till I climb into the web you made."
  • Katy Perry was originally going to sing on the track, but she couldn't fit it into her schedule. "Katy couldn't get time to sing on the track herself, so we wondered who else could do it," Azalea told The Daily Star. "It needed someone who could really sing, as Katy's voice is awesome. Rita is a great fit. Her voice can blow people away."
  • The song's music video was filmed by director X. The clip pays homage to Quentin Tarantino's action-thriller Kill Bill as Azalea and Ora play two samurai sword-wielding femme fatales out for revenge against a rude diner portrayed by Reservoir Dogs' Michael Madsen (he also starred in Kill Bill).

    The visual also features cameos from Azalea's mentor T.I. and veteran actor Paul Sorvino (who played "Paulie" in Goodfellas) in a poker game won by Rita Ora's character.

    Speaking to Capital FM about the filming of the clip, Ora said: "Iggy is just so involved in her videos. She really is involved. So I learned a lot from that. She got inspiration from old Korean, ninja things and Kill Bill and then I got inspired by the leather catsuits. I watched Kill Bill like three times. I learned a lot and we just had fun."
  • This was the second Hot 100 Top 10 featuring a Katy Perry writing credit but not artist billing. The first? That would be the cast of Glee's cover of her #1 hit "Teenage Dream."
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  • Cherry from WalesI like this song, expressing that this album contains vulgar words.
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