Peace & Love, Inc.

Album: Peace & Love, Inc. (1992)
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  • Written by founder Paul Robb, the title track to Information Society's fourth album, "Peace & Love, Inc." takes aim at corporate culture and blind conformity. The band envisions themselves in the song as a different kind of corporation: one that sells peace, love and truth.
  • The melody first started out in the early InSoc song "Fall In Line." Both melodies are extremely similar although "Fall In Line" was is at more of a slower tempo and several beats and notes differing. >>
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  • This song made #10 on the Dance chart, but couldn't crack the Hot 100 as the group's techno sound had fallen out of favor. In 1993, the band was dropped from their label, Tommy Boy, and two members of the trio, Paul Robb and James Cassidy, left the band, leaving Kurt Harland to guide the ship. Harland released Don't Be Afraid in 1997, then put Information Society on the shelf until 2005 when he reunited with Robb and Cassidy.

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  • Cjsf from The Space CoastI think the first paragraph misses the mark a bit. The song is a satirical protest of the packaging, marketing, and selling the image of "Peace and Love" without the deeper meaning. True peace and love are seldom compatible with Capitalism, long term. But if you can sell that image, you take people right out of the game and keep the notions of peace and love on a superficial level, which generally serves corporate interests.
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