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  • This is new lead singer JD Fortune's subtle tribute to Michael Hutchence, the late lead singer of the band. It's all about how he's struggling to come out of Hutchence's shadow, and still love and respect all the work that Hutchence did to make INXS a global phenomenon. >>
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    Gautam - Rockville, MD
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  • Xuaan from Mumbai, Indiathe song do say abt not only j.d fortunes the entire inxs's accepting a father died...and accepting a new step father....or adopting a new kid.......its abt the adjusments..they both hv to make
  • Mike from Santa Barbara, CaThis song wasn't about J.D. Fortune's struggle to come out of Michael Hutchence's shadow. However, his performance on this LP was exactly that. He wanted to achieve a sound Hutchence's vocals, and acknowlege his work, but also wanted to avoid copying him and find his own sound. Replacing a popular front man in a group is very difficult. In this song, he did it very well.
  • Rahul from Chennai, Indiagorgeous song...i dont care if this album sucked...this song is gorgeous...
  • Hayley from Sydney, AustraliaI absoulutly love Michael Hutchence in my opinion he is probebly one of the biggest legends in rock history!!! I cant believe how much Tiger Lilly looks like him, she certainly knows how special her dad was. Ithink its great that the band are continuing INXS's legacy. BEST BAND EVER
  • Ridge from New Delhi, IndiaDoesn't this song sounds a LOT like Within You Without You, by The Beatles....????
  • Sara from Savannah, Gathis is a song about his relationship with
    Estella Warren. LUCKY GIRL!!
  • Sara from Savannah, GaThis song is very touching to me. But JD, never
    wrote this song Andrew Fariss & Desmond Child wrote the song before the show was ever even on
    the air. Its about coming out of the old realms
    of Michael Hutchence' INXS days and now going on
    with thier new singer J.D. Fortune . This song is
    just basically about starting over.
  • Ryelei from Kangaroo Valley, Australia(1) JD didn't write this song, Andrew Farriss and Desmond Child did.
    (2) Yes, it is a sensitive, soulful song about Michael.
    (3) It has nothing to do with JD's struggle "to come out of Hutchence's shadow."

    If you really want to hear it from the horse's...or more appropos, the Andrew's...mouth, get the "Switch" dualdisc (the CD/DVD combo) and in the DVD portion you will hear first hand the touching way that Andrew describes the song.
  • Lucas from Sydney, Australiawhat a great track...a new classic.
  • Jessica from Orangeville, Canadathis song is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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