Don't Change

Album: Shabooh Shoobah (1982)
Charted: 80
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  • Lead Singer Michael Hutchence and keyboard player Andrew Farriss created this song in 1982 while recording their third album, Shabooh Shoobah. The song has a defiant feel, with Hutchence warding off negativity. Farriss offered this explanation: "Everything Changes, or does it? Nothing lasts forever and yet most of us at some point in our lives want it to." >>
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  • "Don't Change" came as INXS were making a steady rise, gaining lots of ground in their native Australia and starting to get noticed in other parts of the world. Their career path was similar to that of U2, another band with a mega-charismatic frontman who was developing as a lyricist. Both groups released their biggest albums in 1987: The Joshua Tree and Kick. The adulation and concomitant expectations were hard for both Bono and Michael Hutchence to deal with, but Bono got through it. Hutchence had a much harder time, and in 1997 he took his own life.
  • The video was directed by Scott Hicks, who also did the INXS videos for "To Look at You" and "Spy of Love." It's low-budget but effective, with the band performing the song in a warehouse.
  • This song is simple but effective, making it a popular cover for bands looking to rally the crowd. "It's a good pub band song," Andrew Farriss told Songfacts. "You don't have to know too many chords to play it."
  • This was the last song INXS played live. They used it to close their set at Perth Arena on November 11, 2012, wrapping up a tour as opening act for Matchbox Twenty, whose lead singer Rob Thomas joined them on vocals during the performance. The crowd was shocked when INXS announced from the stage that it would be their last show; they confirmed the news in a statement two days later.
  • INXS closed the July 13, 1985 "Oz For Africa" concert, which was the Australian contribution to Live Aid, with a five-song set ending with "Don't Change."
  • This was one of the most potent live songs in the INXS catalog. They played it at just about every show, but not at Wembley Stadium in 1991 when they shot their concert film Live Baby Live.
  • Bruce Springsteen played this at a show in Sydney, Australia, in 2014, and again later that year at a concert in Albany, New York.

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  • Jack Mehoffer from Newjersey,usa"Don't Change" caps off the amazing/enjoyable 2009 film, "Adventureland" playing thru the end-credits as the characters/actors exude sheer happiness that where they are/were is . . . Just. Perfect. Watch it. Now.
    Not the official music video but the song has made a place in my heart since I saw it here.

    May we all have a summer like that when we were 19, 21 . . . 45 . . . 65.
  • Tobias Ruiz from U.s.a.I recently released my book "It Is What It Is" and its basic premise is to not change for yourself, or for me but instead to change for all other life forms living upon this planet. If we do this then the "sky" (asteroid 99942) will not fall down, and all evil will be eradicated from the Earth. It Is What It Is.
  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaThis is a beautiful song. Enough said.
  • Paul from Winthrop, MaProbably the finest INXS song ever.
  • Smithy from Adelaide, AustraliaAustralian band Grinspoon covered this song and included it on their 2004 album New Detention.

    Joe Hansen: Well, we just needed a song, well we didn't need a song, but we just thought we'd do a cover song at Livid last year and we were looking around and it's just a classic stadium rock song and Livid is a big festival, so we thought we'd have a crack at that song. It kind of went well and the guy who is a director or producer of a movie called Danny Deckchair saw it and he thought it would be great to put in the movie soundtrack. So he said if we record it, he'll put it on. So we went and recorded it and we thought we might as well throw it on something else, so we threw it on as a bonus track on the album, then we thought we'd put it on an EP so you don't have to buy the album to get that song.
  • Kurt from Downers Grove, IlMy favorite INXS song; Marty blew everyone away when he performed this song. I'm almost surprised he didn't win. If it weren't for Pretty Vegas....!!!
  • Tracey from BarrieBeing a HUGE INXS fan in the '80's and having the opportunity to see them live, I too was skepitic of a new lead singer but having watched the show, thought it could be done. Fellow Canadian JD was the only one that came close to the charisma of Micheal on stage but can he lose the attitude and do justice to their songs??? I still think Suzy sang them best........
  • Jeanette from Elkridge, MdThis one of my favorite INXS songs, the lyrics are incredible and the melody is awesome, it definetly stands the test of time. I saw INXS 2 times in concert, the group will never be the same since Michael died, he had a unique and distinguishable voice and style. I hope J.D. can do him some justice and just sing the old songs the way they are supposed to be sung, not putting any unecessary spins on them.
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