Face in the Sand

Album: Dance of Death (2003)
  • The lyrics, not unlike those of "Brave New World," seem to deal with the general state of mind of the western world whose populations have become dependent on news reports that are pre-digested and sometimes warped. >>
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    Ryan - Bethany, OK

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  • Nikita Jagora from CanadaThe song name seems to make reference to the famous poem "Ozymandias" by Percy Shelley, which is about a statue to the great titular ancient Egyptian king, which was destroyed by nature over hundreds of years as his civilization fell, until all that remained was a lone pair of stone legs in the desert, the statue's sneering face half-buried in the sand, and an inscription from the king taunting anyone to surpass his glory. The song asks if modern civilization will fall in a similar manner, consumed by fear and self-infatuation and oblivious to the world around itself, until all that is left is death and shattered monuments.
  • Ghostgetter from Dallas, TxAlso if you listen to the beginning you can tell the music is set to Sept 11th slow like everyday life then it gets in a mood like something is wrong then kicks in like we all felt when the planes hit the Twin Towers
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