Album: Dance Of Death (2004)


  • This song is about the musical course of a writer and the journey of music. It seems to trace the path of Iron Maiden over their colorful history. >>
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    lee dutton - wolverhampton, England
  • In the 2005 Iron Maiden DVD Death On The Road, lead singer Bruce Dickinson says that this song is about the whole process of writing and being a musician, although the song sounds like it is about life in general. >>
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    Ryan - Bethany, OK

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  • Heppek from CologneI think the song describes the plot of the 1957 movie "The seventh seal"
  • Rock Lee from Hidden Leaves Village, JapanDon't get me wrong, it is a good song, though if you think about it the song is kind of depressing.
  • Rock Lee from Hidden Leaves Village, JapanGood song but it can kind of get you depressed when you hear it- "I know what I want, I'll say what I want, and no one can take it away" kind of sticks out in your mind.
  • Ryan from Bethany, OkEventhough singer Bruce Dickinson says this song is about writing and being a musician on Death on the Road, the song sounds like its about life.
  • Sebastian from Fredrikstad, United Statesmaiden is the best
    -sebbi norway
  • James from N/a, IrelandIRON MAIDEN WILL GO ON FOR EVER
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