Album: Piece Of Mind (1983)


  • This song is about Aleister Crowley, who claimed to be Antichrist 666 as predicted in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. It is one of the few Maiden songs written solely by Bruce Dickinson, who later wrote more songs about Crowley, including "Accident Of Birth" and "Man Of Sorrows." >>
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    Ryan - Bethany, OK

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  • Paulo Pereira from Yonkers, Ny"The whole first verse is taken straight from the book of Revelations in the King James Version of the bible"

    No. It's from a hymnal by G. K. Chesterton.
  • Simon from Usa@Ashleigh - The first verse in this song is from 'A Hymn' by (G. K.) Chesterton, ("O God of earth and altar[...]")
    You're right in that there *is* a Maiden song that quotes the Book of Revelation, that song is "The Number of the Beast." Using KJV, the first part of the opening "Woe to you[...]" is from Revelation 12:12 and the second part "Let him who hath understanding[...]" is from Revelation 13:18.
    Up the Irons \m/
  • Ashleigh from Melbourne, AustraliaThe whole first verse is taken straight from the book of Revelations in the King James Version of the bible
  • Mark from Hshshshss, Wallis And Futuna Islandsthis song is about washing your car, actually it's about opening a pair of curtains
  • Marcelo from San Jose, OtherMaiden live is just awesome...saw them 2 times in Costa Rica on their Somewhere Back in Time World're amazing...
  • Edgar from Athens, GreeceOne of the best songs ever!!The live version is magnificent!!!
  • Ryan from Bethany, Okthis is my favorite maiden song next to "where eagles dare"
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