Still Life

Album: Piece Of Mind (1993)
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  • Piece Of Mind was Bruce Dickinson's second album with Iron Maiden. In this song, he sings about a man who sees demons in a pool of water and wants to commit suicide with his girlfriend by drowning in the pool. >>
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  • Boris Guitarloff from Austin, Texas The song is actually based on the short story, “Genius Loci” by Clark Ashton Smith. If you read the story, you’ll realize that it has much more in common with the song than “The Inhabitant of the Lake”.
  • Martin Sordo from Lawrenceville, GaI finally got it!!! Thx
  • Diverdriver from Petaluma, CaI saw them play this song live in Sacramento, California June 6, 1988. A couple months later a live version was recorded at Monsters of Rock, Donnington and is on disc ten of The First Ten Years box set. Bruce seems to have forgotten the lyrics as he sings them wrong in at least 3 parts.
  • Woody from Woodbridge, VaRead "The Inhabitant Of The Lake" in the book called "Cold Print" by Ramsey Campbell. Still Life is based on that short story.
  • Krk from Stockholm, SwedenWikipedia: "...the band included a hidden message which could only be understood by playing the album backwards. This was a joke and an intended swing back at the critics who had accused Maiden of being satanic. The backwards-message features Nicko McBrain mimicking Idi Amin (or rather mimicking John Bird mimicking Idi Amin) uttering the following phrase "What ho said the t'ing with the three "bonce", do not meddle with things you don't understand...", followed by a belch. The phrase itself is taken from the satirical album The Collected Broadcasts of Idi Amin by Bird and Alan Coren...."
  • Steve from Patchogue, NyA very cool and obscure Maiden song. I forgot all about this one!
  • Todd from Poynette, WiPiece of Mind was released in 1983 not 1993.
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