Where Eagles Dare

Album: Piece Of Mind (1983)
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  • Steve Harris wrote this song based on the 1968 movie of the same name. Other songs from the album have similar literary and film references: "The Trooper" is based on Tennyson's Charge of the Light Brigade, "To Tame A Land" is based on the Dune saga, and "Flight Of Icarus" is based on the Greek legend. >>
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  • Congo Pense from N.californiaIm just finishing up a cover of this song with the lead guitar player and singer from The Iron Maidens.The Duellist is a spectacular song
  • Patrick from Ottawa, OnSo is this song about a battle in the skies sort of like the battle for Britain?
  • Joe from Silvis, Ilthis song is where its at
  • Claude from Kingston, MaDidn't mean anything major by my comment.....love Maiden, always have, always will. But I still think the two songs are almost interchangeable. Listen to the rhythm of the opening lyrics in each.
  • Nathan from Wichititty, KsYeah The Duellists is plenty different. Iron Maiden is a much better band than that, Claude. Relax.
  • Matthew from Rugby, United KingdomWell, this is my favourite song of Piece Of Mind (even including the Trooper), and (compared to other Maiden songs), I don't particularly like The Duellists, so I wouldn't say they're the same. Maybe similar style, but I don't see (or even hear) any massive resemblence
  • Claude from Kingston, MaListen to this song and then listen to "The Duelist" on Powerslave and tell me they're not the same song.
  • Viper from Ny, NyThis song was also covered by Fozzy on Happenstance in 2002.
  • Alexandra from Sockholm, SwedenThis is my favorite maiden song EVER!!!
  • Emarkm from Cheshire, United KingdomYep, the drums were written to emulate machine gun sounds, and I think that Nicko does a damned good job of it.
  • Ryan from Bethany, Okthis is my favorite maiden song next to "revelations"
  • Ryan from Bethany, Okkiss ass drums
  • Jeff from Austin, TxKILLER song!!! This is the first song on arguably Maiden's best album "Piece of Mind". Bruce's extended high note at the end of the song causes instant devil horns on each hand.
  • Wessel from Dedemsvaart, Netherlandslove the drums in this song
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