by Iyaz

Album: Replay (2009)
Charted: 1 2


  • Keidran Jones, aka Iyaz, was born in the US Virgin Islands and raised in the British Virgin Islands. He was the first signing to Sean Kingston's record label: Time Is Money Entertainment. This is the first single from his debut album.
  • Producer Jonathan "J.R." Rotem (Britney Spears, 50 Cent, Rihanna), the man who originally discovered Sean Kingston, produced the song.
  • Iyaz, together with Kingston, Rotem and Jason DeRulo ("Whatcha Say"), wrote this lovelorn track.
  • Rotem told Billboard magazine that he saw the star power in Iyaz from the start. "Tommy, my brother, gave him a track and Iyaz recorded it by himself in his dorm room. But we were so amazed -- we were hearing so many harmonies and so many melodies going in there," recalled Rotem. "I was impressed with what he did with the writing and his vocals himself."
  • The song's music video was directed by Bobby Wan and shot in Playa Del Rey, California. The clip's concept plays to the song's narrative; featuring a Caribbean beach back drop as Iyaz's love interest takes over his iPod in a romantic twist on technology.
  • Iyaz told The Sun January 15, 2010 that the song is about a girl he encountered. The Virgin Island native explained; "It is about this girl I met in a shopping mail. I approached her and engaged her in conversation. Not everyone takes that step. You usually see someone, don't say anything then regret it. I couldn't stop thinking about her." Iyaz continued the story of the song: "She became my girl. But we're not together now. I've met plenty of girls but I'm not looking now. I don't have the time That was why we separated."
  • The singer explained to The Sun why he records under the name Iyaz: "It was my godfather's name and means 'the boss' or 'the one in charge'. I was always with him so they called me mini-Iyaz- and you can see I'm not little any more so now I'm Iyaz."
  • The song debuted at #1 on the UK singles chart dated January 10, 2010, shifting over 106,000 copies. This was the highest sale for any new year release since the winner of the second season of Pop Idol, Michelle McManus, sold 118,000 copies of "All This Time" in the equivalent week in January 2004.

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  • Fatima from Liverpool, United KingdomI love Iyaz . When I first heard the song replay I was oh my god he is so fit and he got a lovely voice. Then I started proper liking Iyaz after he wrote solo.
  • Lacey from Chicago, Ili thought this song was by sean kingston for the longest time lol. love the song by the wayy:)
  • Billy from Nederland , TxMy neice was playing this on youtube last night.For a hip-hop song it's good. Oh, and Merry Christmas everyone.
  • Joseph from Garden City, NyAwsome song. For an unkown artist. And meaning
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