Banana Pancakes

Album: In Between Dreams (2005)
  • Johnson said of this song: "It's a wakeup in the morning and make breakfast with your family kind of song. It started when my wife was busy doing something and I wanted to distract her. So I just started playing: 'You hardly even notice when I try to show you this song it's meant to keep you from doing what you're supposed to.' I'd play her that every time she'd get sidetracked and I wanted to just hang out. Later, it just shaped into a real song. I started playing it live on the last tour we did, before it was finished, and just kind of filled in parts with: 'Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah' to get the crowd laughing. It's just a real feel good song and kind of silly. But I try not to discard the silly love songs. I mean, it'd be easy just to say, 'This one is too silly. I'm not gonna put it out there.' But for me, it's part of what I like to do? just make people have a good time and sing and get in a good mood. So I like to put a couple of those sort of just straight love songs on there."
  • Country star Billy Currington recorded a version for his 2013 We Are Tonight album. The Nashville singer told Country Weekly about his amped-up cover: "We put some steel guitar on it and a full band around it, because Jack's version is very simple," he explained.

    "His version is the better of the two, no doubt," Currington added, laughing. "But we have a great version, with a seven-piece band on it. Shy Carter sings harmony on that, and he even put a little rap on there."
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  • Jordan from Beloit, Wiomg i love this song! every time im in a bad mood i stop what im doing and listen to it. it makes me think of my boyfriend too. :] i have always wanted him to play it om guitar. that would be the best gift ever!!
  • Amada from Juazeiro Do Norte, BrazilI love this song! everytime i listenning to it, i dream something like this song!
  • Kyle from Egmondville, CanadaI love playing and singing this song! I don't know it well enough, but everyone thinks it's a "cute" song. I love it. So romantic.
  • Matthew from Calgarymy friend LOVES this song... it's a great song for waking up and not getting out of bed right away. i used it for my alarm clock for a while!!
  • Bobsaget from Bellville, SdI like Upside Down. PS>How long has J.J been around?
  • Joe from Hanover, Nhits a fun one to listen to when you just wake up and its raining outside and your like wow its really raining...Once it was raining and then the phone rang it was weird and it was my best friend!
  • Shelby from A Town, Ilhala ka ukulele, momma made a baby" that was a little Hawaiian saying when we were kids we used to always say when someone got in trouble we'd always say "hala ka ukulele, momma made a baby"

  • Shelby from A Town, IlWhen Jack Say "hala ka ukulele, momma made a baby" That is what they use to say in hawwii when you got in trouble
  • Erik from Chicago, IlThis song means so much for me and my girlfriend. I'm going to sing it to her on her birthday!! I have only 30 days left!! This will be the first song i will learn how to play on the guitar!!
  • Patrick from Des Moines, IaThis is one of my fav jack johnson songs
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