Better Together

Album: In Between Dreams (2005)
Charted: 24
  • Johnson: "It's been around for a little while. I had the first verse, and I was always tooling around with that. And then the second verse came along later. It was a song that was pretty much complete (before entering the studio). It was really just a song that I wrote for my wife. The love songs always start out for her, but then I try to make them pretty broad so they're for everybody by the end."

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  • Layton from Paris, Txguy at the top has the starting note wrong. stupid little man.
  • Adrian from Crossville, TnHey kids, for you following at home.... Here are the very creative chord changes.

    F F/E Dm C Bb Bb/A Bb/G C %

    Bb C %

    It reminds me of a Brian Wilson song, wouldnt it be nice or god only knows.
  • Marissa from Akron, OhThis was my HS graduating class's class song.
  • Fanny from Los Angeles, CaOh my god!! this song is so beautiful...sigh.
  • Matthew from Calgarymy cousin played this at her wedding while she was walking down the isle. it was beautiful. i love this song. it's my girlfriends favorite song, and i'm trying to learn how to play it for her!
  • Walter from Taylor, PaI dig the line, "Love is the answer
    At least for most of the questions in my heart. "
    This is one of Kims favorate songs. Things really are better when we are togehter. KIM I LOVVE YOU!
  • Cricket from Moscow, Idmy dog died on April 28, 2007 and I made a tribute page for her on myspace and this was the song I chose.
  • Waseem from Aleppo Syria, United Stateswarm i like it.
  • Cory from Boonville, Ini love this song, its kind of like a long distance relationship song.
  • Shelby from A Town, IlThe best couple song ever!
  • Monica from San Francisco, CaMy boyfriend loved this song, it was our "song"
  • Ben from Ringwood, EnglandBrilliant song. Make you just feel chilled out.
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