Album: In Between Dreams (2005)
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  • Johnson: "That's one I wrote while I was surfing. I was out longboarding in California. The sun had just set and the moon was rising so it was real nice. It was also summertime and warm, so I could stay out and surf for a while. I was alone, it was really calm and the wind was dead and it was a real magical night. The wind was nonexistent so you could hear things from really far away. And I could hear these kids who were laughing and skipping rocks on the beach. All their dads were there and it was kind of like dads' night out camping with the kids on the beach. The were all sitting around this little campfire and the kids were playing. And it just started getting me thinking about sailing canoe trips my father and I took around the island when I was younger. He'd always show me all the constellations up in the sky and tell me the stories about Pleiades being chased by Taurus the bull, Orion coming to save Pleiades and Orion's little dog following right next to him. Those stories always stuck with me, as did just the time we spent learning about the stars. It was a really nice thing. He always explained to me that the stars made him feel like he was never really lost. That if he found himself somewhere where he didn't know where he was and looked up into the sky at night, he could see where the stars were and put the puzzle together. It made him feel a little more at home anywhere he was in the world. I've noticed with myself now when I travel, that if I'm able to place a few of the constellations I'll get a better sense of where I am in the world."
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  • Cedric from Weyburn, SkKate I don't think I could have put it any better...
  • Jarryd from Upper Sandusky, Ohsuch deep meaning in all of his seems like he sure knows how to live life.
  • Steve from Chicago, IlI agree?
  • Kate from Harrison, Nymy absolutely most favourite jack j song ever. it is such a yummy-feel-good-in-your-pyjamas-when-your-having-such-a-totally-bad-day-and-theres-no-more-icecream-in-the-freezer song. the lyrcs are just so beautiful.
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