Album: On And On (2003)


  • This song is often rumored to tell the story about a prostitute. The prostitute statement is simply a misunderstanding. Jack Johnson wrote this song about a young girl named Taylor, hence the title of the song.

    The song tells the story of three characters. The main character is Taylor, a sweet, young, innocent, lonely little girl, who is searching to find her heart. In the story, Taylor works the night shift, passing out tickets to patrons who want to see her dancing. All this time, Taylor is dreaming of a paradise where sadness is unknown. However, things turn sour when a secret about her life reveals a sudden change. Feeling as though she has been mistreated, Taylor leaves her parents' home, trying to find someone who will comfort her. However, she only finds herself wandering the streets, looking for a place she can call home. As she wanders along, Taylor meets the second character in the story, a young man named Peter Patrick, who is twice her age. Like Taylor, Peter Patrick is trying to find his heart. When Peter Patrick discovers that he's locked out of his own house, he pitter-patters on his window. As he waits with Taylor outside his house, Pete discovers that the third character of this story, his wife, Sunny, won't let him into his own house! Somehow, Sunny realizes that she knows the truth, she knows just where Pete's been going to. Sunny discovers the secret, that Pete has fallen for Taylor! However, Pete realizes all the while that he has made so many mistakes, but he wasn't going to let his love for Taylor be the biggest mistake he's made in his life. So, Pete tries to cover up the situation by thinking that going to church every Sunday will make everything right again.
  • The line, "Two thousand miles from here" refers to Hawaii, Jack Johnson's native home. >>
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    Annabelle - Eugene, OR, for above 2
  • Johnson made a music video of this song with Ben Stiller, who plays the director. >>
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    Mike - Newtown, RI
  • Back when Taylor Swift was a teenage country star, she revealed to Rolling Stone that this song was her ringtone, saying that she ignores "the fact that the song is probably about a prostitute or a stripper."

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  • George Mono from Rio De Janeiro, BrazilActually, the song was written to Kelly Slater's daughter (which was young by the time the song was made). Kelly and Jack are friends for a long time and it simply is a song for his kid. "Peter Patrick" refers to "Jack Johnson" and "Sunny" is "Kelly". Not at all about a prostitute. Cheers!
  • Taylor from Port Lavaca, TxMy name is Taylor, so needless to say, I loveee this song. (:
    And I also love Jack Johnson. His voice makes my heart swoon.
  • Dennis from Inverness, FlMy elementary school crush was named Taylor, I just got in contact with her again after 7 years, I am still terrified to tell her how I feel, however, this song gives me a little more confidence. We both love the song, and hopefully we both will love each other :D
  • Fariha from Dhaka, --I agree with David & Liz. The last part of the son goes like this:
    "now she's finger licking to the man
    with the money in his pocket
    flying in his rocket" clearly shows that Taylor goes for guys with money; an obvious indication.

    "only stoppin by on his way to a better world
    if Taylor finds a better world
    Taylor's gonna run away" - men only 'stop by' and Taylor will run away if she finds a better world.

    Very good song!
  • Liz from Pittsburgh, PaI'm gonna have to agree with the common conception that Taylor is definitely a stripper or something. This is almost obvious ("doing what you gotta do to get a dollar bill").
  • David from Lafayette, InI like your "Fact interpratation, really wraps it up in a neat little package. to neat however for Jack. why i have no proof of my beliefes of the song. i have to agree with the general consensious that Taylor is a Prostitute. " your gonna have to pay her if you wanna park here" leads me to believe that sex is her profession, or a booth at a parking lot. Peter, strikes me as the type that only comes into play because he is one of Taylors "Jons" and the line about singing on sunday is a refrence to his hipocracy. your line about Sunny being a third person in the song is a new one to me. i like to think that. but iv allways seen "sunny" as a pet name for the sun. meaning the only being to know the secret life of peter is the sun as it overlooks the whole world. Still, even with my own beliefes about the song. i really like this interpratation and i am sure that i will share it with my friends.
  • Taylor from Chicago, IlMy name is Taylor and I love that there is a song about "me". haha but I love Jack Johnson and this song is amazing. but to that Annabelle girl the name Taylor is more common for girls because i am a girl and all the people at my school named taylor are girls too and theres a good amount of them. i've only met a few boys named Taylor. and that's cool that your gonna mane your first daughter Taylor. I like my name I think its cute and other peple tell me that too. :D
  • Russ from Wa, Australiamy nephew who is 13 years old introduced me to this song, since he played this song to thier school that's the start that i like all the song of jack johnson, very relaxing all his songs and his so cute lol...
  • Annabelle from Eugene, OrTo Gee in Bangor-By-The-Sea, Serbia, haven't you forgotten that the Taylor in this song is a girl? How can you sing a song about a girl, to a testicle? Isn't a testicle a part of a boy? Also, who in the world is Mr. Dargon?
  • Gee from Bangor-by-the-sea, SerbiaWords cannot express the emotions this song wells up inside my very being. I have grown so attached to this song that I have actually named one of my testicles in its memory (the left one; the right one is called Mr Dargan). Every night when I clamber into bed I sing it to Taylor whilst Mr Dargan watches on with a mistified look in his eyes.

    Thank you Jack for a wonderful and touching song.
  • Cory from Boonville, Inin my life, all i need is Jack Johnson and Michael Buble. They are both so calm and relaxing, they can make you forget about all your worries and troubles
  • Denise from Nisland, SdThis has got to be one of teh best of jack Johnson's songs. I Love it!
  • Annabelle from Eugene, OrThis song is one of the reasons why I'm naming my first daughter Taylor. I've only known girls with the name Taylor. I've never known any boys named Taylor. When I was in seventh grade, I also new a girl named Taylor. However, this has been a mystery to me. Which one is more common for the name Taylor, for boys or for girls?
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