Can't Believe The Way We Flow

Album: Assume Form (2019)
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  • Here, James Blake captures the heady rise of new love, inspired by his relationship with actress and TV presenter Jameela Jamil.

    I can't believe the way we flow
    I can't believe the way we live together

    Blake is ecstatic and awestruck at the brilliance of true love.
  • Blake explained in an iTunes interview: "It's a pure love song, really. It's just about the ease of coexisting that I feel with my girlfriend. It's fairly simple in its message and in its delivery, hopefully. Romance is a very commercialized subject, but sometimes it can just be a peaceful moment of ease and something even mundane - just the flow between days and somebody making it feel like the days are just going by, and that's a great thing."
  • The song originated with a sample that producer Dominic Maker brought in of The Manhattans' "It Feels So Good to Be Loved So Bad." Blake told Genius that he started getting melodic ideas and "followed the theme of what they were singing in the sample," So after "can't believe the way we flow," it was a short stretch to a love song.
  • Blake explained how The Manhattans singing "I can't believe the way we flow" spawned the song's concept:

    "I think that very often love is characterized as a kind of chaotic up-and-down roller coaster. And my experience of maybe the best love I've ever had has been peaceful. It's put me at ease and made me feel more that my life is flowing between different states. I'm not feeling anxious all the time that someone's not going to get back to me or have feelings of anxiety or desperation or insecurity or jealousy. What I didn't realize that it could possibly feel like was just peace."
  • Directed by Frank Lebon (A$AP Rocky's "Sundress," Mount Kimbie's "You Look Certain (I'm Not So Sure)"), the video was shot over six days in London. The clip elaborates on the song's lyrics about relationships by illustrating what love in its many shapes and forms. It does this by showing 30 real-life couples of different ages, races, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic backgrounds kissing, embracing, holding hands or just being happy together.


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