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Album: Moon Landing (2013)
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  • Blunt pays tribute to Whitney Houston on this '70s-tinged Rock ballad, which he was inspired to write after hearing news of the star's death. "It wasn't that I was a massive fan," Blunt told The Sun. "She had a phenomenal voice but the sideshow of her tragic life was hard to miss. And then it became the main show to her talent."

    "She had this incredible talent and an incredible life but it caged her at the same time," he added. "We put these celebrities on a pedestal. The red rope around the red carpet becomes a cage. Celebrity is a weird thing."
  • Blunt told MusicRadar.com about the background to this song: "I think it's a very sad story," he said. "What's worse is that it should be a great story. Her life should be a celebration. She was a phenomenal talent. She had a beautiful voice and she was an incredible-looking person. Inside and outside, there was something very special going on."

    "And yet, this sadness overtook it all, and I feel that we were the ones who were spectators to it," Blunt continued. "And we're the ones who enjoyed being spectators. We clicked online to read her story, to see her story; we bought the magazines. So we contribute in many ways, because every time you click on a link or buy a magazine, more paparazzi go out and follow those people. The same with Amy Winehouse and Princess Diana."


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