Rush Hour

Album: Fur (1988)
Charted: 12 9


  • Jane Wiedlin is a guitarist and founding member of The Go-Go's. This is her biggest hit as a solo artist, and was released on her second album. Says Wiedlin, "I was working with my friend Peter Rafelson, who was a great songwriter and producer. We had a great chemistry going on for writing. We would write our songs really quickly, definitely under an hour, which I always think is the mark of a good song - when it just flows out of you quickly without a bunch of struggle. And I'd been driving around L.A. and getting caught in traffic, and just kind of musing about how the expression 'Rush Hour' sounds like it would mean the opposite of what it is. It sounds like it would be something that was a rush, but really it's like a drag. So then I start playing around in my head with the idea that it could be a song called 'Rush Hour.' And so I went to him with the title, and we just whipped that puppy out. I like that song a lot, though. I'm really, really into true 100% Pop, Pop songs. I'm super influenced by the Bubblegum music of the '60s. Like The Archies and Tommy James, and there's all this great music being written, and just super great Pop singles. That's something I've always aspired to write, and I think 'Rush Hour' comes close to being a song like that." (Here's our full interview with Jane Wiedlin.)

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  • Rob B from Dundee, UkClassic pop tune. It's so good.
  • Jackie from Baltimore, MdThis song reminds me of the movie License to Drive, when they go to the party and see Mercedes. Such a fun 80's tune!
  • Tanya from La Verne, Ca100% pure pop and I love it!
  • Megan from Winnipeg, CanadaWow. No comments. I love this song. It reminds me of a certain time in my life, because I used to listen to this song all the time in that certain period.
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