Album: Discipline (2008)


  • This was written and produced by Rodney Jerkins. Jackson raved to MTV News about working with Jerkins: "It was great working with Rodney. There's a connection there between the two of us, for sure. He feels it; he's mentioned it to me. I felt it, but I wasn't gonna say anything to him about it. [She laughs.] There's a connection with everyone I work with, but definitely a much stronger connection between [me and] Rodney and Jermaine (Jermaine Dupri Jackson's boyfriend and head of urban music at Island). He just got me. Either someone is gonna get you or they're not. They all did, all the producers that I worked with on this project. But Rodney really got me, he understood me. It's like having a lost brother or cousin; he really understands me. There's a very good chemistry."
  • Jerkins also gushed to MTV about Jackson: "We definitely have this incredible chemistry, this bond - I think we musically connect, crazily. I knew it - it's funny 'cause I predicted this. Five years ago, people used to ask me who I wanted to work with, and I was like, 'Janet Jackson.' And I was so passionate about that because I've always been a fan of her music and what her and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have done in the past. And I felt like, knowing she wants to try new things, that I feel I can get it and I can deliver it for her."


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