My Kinda Party

Album: My Kinda Party (2010)
Charted: 39
  • This is the first single from American country artist Jason Aldean's fourth studio album. Although Aldean didn't write the tune, he told The Boot he feels as if it was custom made for him. "This song is all about workin' for the weekend... my fans work hard, so they can rip it up when Saturday rolls around," he said. "I hope they hear this one and want to turn it up. We put a little extra juice on the electric guitars just for that reason."
  • This was written and originally recorded by Brantley Gilbert, who like Aldean, is a country singer from Georgia. Gilbert's version appears on his 2009 album Modern Day Prodigal Son.
  • Aldean explained: "The album is named My Kinda Party because it's totally representative of what I like and what my fans have come to expect on my records and at the 'party' we throw at our shows."
  • Aldean explained to The Boot why he chose this as his first single from My Kinda Party: "I think the song is that exact song; it is the song that we always look for to launch an album. For us, we want to come out and push the envelope with that first single and get everybody's attention. It's like, OK, we're coming out with a new album and here's the first single. I think it stands up to the others. Brantley [Gilbert, the song's writer] actually pitched the song for the last album and we just got it late in the game. At the end of recording every album, we have a handful of songs that we love, and 'My Kinda Party' was one of those. We knew if it was around when we cut again we would record it. It's loud, it's obnoxious and will get some attention, and that's what we try to do on this record and with the other albums."
  • Brantley Gilbert told The Boot the story behind the song: "Me and all of my friends used to go hang out at a farm in Jackson County [Georgia]. We'd always go in and close the gate, and it was really just a field party. I also had some friends in Banks County, and we'd do the same thing there. I wanted to write a song about those parties ... There are a lot of really, really good ones that you probably won't be able to write about! [laughs] The song sparks a good time. It kind of takes me back home to those days when we'd get out in the middle of a field somewhere, light a bonfire and have a good ole time."


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