You Make It Easy

Album: Rearview Town (2018)
Charted: 28


  • This slow, aching blues-tinged love ballad finds Jason Aldean professing how that special someone makes him feel.

    You're my sunshine in the darkest days
    My better half, my saving grace
    You make me who I wanna be
    You make it easy

    No doubt, Aldean had wife Brittany Kerr on his mind when recording this vulnerable lyric. The pair have been married since March 2015.
  • The soulful song was penned by Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley with singer-songwriter Morgan Wallen and producer Jordan Schmidt in 2017. Wallen told Taste of Country its genesis was Hubbard imagining what it must be like for his wife Hayley, with the difficulties of him being on the road all the time.

    "Tyler said that he had looked at Hayley and how he figured, you know, it was kind of hard with his job and everything that he has to do — how it might be hard to love me," he recalled. "He just told her that she makes it easy, so we all just kind of like, 'Damn, well that sounds like a song right there, man, why don't we just write that?' And so we did. It was just a pretty natural feeling song, just pretty straight forward. The idea came from Tyler and Hayley Hubbard."
  • Wallen admitted he was tempted to cut the track himself. "I wanted to sing it too, it was just kind of one of those songs that everybody was like, 'Well, this is awesome,'" he said "And they [FGL] weren't really cutting at the time; I was obviously looking for songs, but Jason Aldean hears a song and he loves it - and especially at the time, for me, it was just something that I was willing to let go of for him."
  • Directed by Shauna Silva, the "You Make It Easy" video is split into three parts and is about 15 minutes in total. The clip follows the emotional journey of a guy, played by Luke Benward, who suffers a life-altering accident and his love, whose name is Grace.

    "The first time I heard this song, I was riding around in my truck. I immediately needed to cut it and always felt like it could be the first single," Aldean said. "I told Shaun that I wanted the videos to capture the love story that this song tells, and I think one of the things he's really good at is taking our ideas and running with them in a cool way."
  • It was Tyler Hubbard who first played Aldean the song, during a visit when they spent several hours playing music in Aldean's truck. Halfway through listening to "You Make It Easy", Aldean hit pause and asked Hubbard if FGL were planning on keeping the tune, as he really wanted it.

    "I'm a hook guy, so I want a hook and a chorus that's going to get stuck in your head, and it had that," Aldean explained to Billboard. "Then, too, it sort of had a different sound about it than anything else we had done - you know, that really kind of bluesy, kind of hollow sound to it where it seemed really old school."
  • Jason Aldean told The Boot how he came to record this song:

    "Tyler and Brian Kelley from Florida Georgia Line, those guys have written songs for me in the past: They wrote 'Lights Come On,' and 'Burnin' It Down' and 'Black Tears.' They write songs all the time, and when we go in to start recording an album, Tyler will sometimes pitch me some songs that they've written that he feels might work for whatever it is I'm doing.

    So he came over to my house one day, and we were riding around in my truck listening to songs, and he was like, 'We just wrote this on Friday! Check it out.' I heard a verse and half of the chorus of this thing, and then I just stopped the music and said, 'Are y'all cutting this song?' He was like, 'I don't know. We just wrote it, and we're not going into the studio for another few months.'

    I told him, 'I want it.' And he asked me when I was going in, and I said I was going in to the studio in two weeks. So he said, 'Well, you're going in before us, so if you want it, take it.'"
  • This is one of the few romantic ballads recorded by Jason Aldean. "Typically, I don't cut what I call the sappy love songs," he explained to ABC Radio. "You know, if I cut a ballad, it's more of a heartache song. So whenever I find one of those songs that allows me to go that route, I think it's a little bit of a curve ball to everybody, because I don't do those songs that often."

    "But when I find ones that are cool that work for what I do," Aldean continued, "then it's cool to pull it off. It's just typically I'm not attracted to those sort of sappy-type 'I love you so much' kinda songs. It's just not typically what I sing about."

    Aldean added that his willingness to lay down a love song may have something to do with the happiness he's found with his wife Brittany, and baby boy Memphis. "You know, maybe it's because I'm in a better place in life now, and I can relate to those songs more," he said. "Maybe that's it. I don't know. But I just know a great song when I hear it, and those were great songs."


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