All I'm Drinking 'Bout

Album: What Color Is Your Sky (2015)
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  • A track from Jason Michael Carroll's Kickstarter-funded album What Color Is Your Sky, this song finds him in the throes of heartbreak, and now the girl who left him is all he's "drinking about."

    Carroll wrote the song with the Nashville writers Pete Good and AJ Babcock.
  • There is a lot of whistling on this song, which is because it was conceived as a spaghetti western song like you might hear in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly or any of a number of films in that genre. Carroll decided to write a song in that style when we was watching the movie Pulp Fiction on AMC. For this viewing, "Story Notes" were included, with trivia bits popping up during the film. In the Jackrabbit Slim's scene, a note popped up explaining that Quentin Tarantino puts a spaghetti western song in every one of his films, and one was playing in the background.

    In our interview with Carroll, he said: "That's where that song was born: it was the idea that Quentin Tarantino would possibly put the song in his film someday."
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